Sukriti is really nervous as she wears the saree her mother had chosen. She looked lovely in baby pink simple saree, her hair tied in a neat bun, her hands adorned with bangles, her earrings sparkled and she blushed by looking at herself. Her self adoration was interrupted as she heard her door bell ring and her father opened the door. Her supposed groom with his family was here.

Sukriti Shah is a 25 year old and works as a cashier in a bank. She is a simple B.Com graduate. She is fair, 5′ 2″ tall, slim figure, long hair and average looks. But all in all she looked lovely. She is the only daughter of her parents and they are a middle class family. Her father is a shop owner and her mother is a housewife. They were a typical middle class family. Sukriti herself was very conservative. She studied in all girls school and a all girls college. Never made a boyfriend or even a male friend. For her, her husband would be everything.

Sukrit’s mother came and gave the tray of tea to her. They both then entered the adjoining room where groom, his parents and his younger sister were sitting. She served tea to everyone and when she saw the groom her heart nearly skipped a beat. He was really handsome. He must be 5’10” tall, fair, nicely built with a very sexy well trimmed beard. She sat opposite to the groom. And the questionnaire began,

‘What is your name child?’

‘Sukriti Shah’

‘Tell us about yourself’

‘I am a cashier at bank. I am a B.Com graduate. I know everything there is to know about household.’

‘Very good. This is our Vikrant. He is a B.Tech graduate. He is currently working in a software company. I think we should let both of you get acquainted.’

Parents left the room and both of them were alone. Sukriti was waiting for him to ask something.

‘So do you have any questions for me?’ asked Vikrant.

‘Yes, I really don’t know much about you. I would like to know where do you work?’ asked Sukriti barely looking him in the eye.

‘I work in a multinational company, in Mumbai. Do you have any hobbies?’ He answered observing her.

‘I like to cook. Apart from that I am also passionate about painting. And you?’ she answered blushing even more as he is staring at her.

‘I am a footballer for a club in Mumbai. I do not know cooking n all. Would you like to keep working even after marriage?’

‘I would want to keep working but i am also comfortable in being a housewife.’

Their parents returned and Vikrant’s family left. Sukriti told her parents that she liked Vikrant. Her parents were happy as Vikrant’s parents did not want any dowry and just wanted the wedding to be grand. They started waiting for their answer. Sukriti’s heart was in a constant turmoil as to what will happen next?