The son was afraid of fulfilling his incumbent, what if his mother asked a favor or something more than that, but mom has always learned to give. Melancholy kept rising but love wasn’t it’s wanting…

It was 5:00 a.m. in the morning. The sun was rising. And I got a call from my father, I wake up in clutter. I saw Meara was in Kitchen. I came outside the room in very hurry manner to pick up the call. My father when heard my voice on the call, he blessed me. He asked about Meera and our children about their health and wellbeing. After this he told me that, “Son, it was one month ago when I went along with your mom to an eye specialist because your mom not able to see from the right eye. We both went to Delhi and operated eyes of your mother. We must go for regular checkup again to Delhi. Now-a-days my health is getting worse due to age. I cannot afford to travel, can you…? My father spoke all this in a single breath. “When we should go?”, I asked. “We have a doctor’s appointment after fifteen days” my father told me. I told him the answer just in their words, “Okay, I’ll go” And I cut the phone.

I was jiggered, I really wanted to know the reason behind this problem, that why wasn’t my mom not able to see, but I was quiet. If I asked these questions, my father and mother could come here due to my few words of compassion. Because then it would be in a fix because Meera doesn’t like them. Today only Meara’s mother has arrived, I can see how happy she is. I will not involve any impediment in her happiness.

After the confirmation of the reservation, I told my father about the coach and berth number. Because after knowing about all the details of traveling he would make assure that my mom gets into correct coach of the train on a specified date from the village. That train crosses the village before coming to my city. In this manner, I will sit on the same train from the city railway station. I told my father and mother to not come to the city instead follow this plan. After explaining them all this I completed my incumbent with my satisfaction.

I gave an excuse regarding my office work to Meera and went with my mom to Delhi to the hospital. Doctor was giving medical advices to my mom. I was paying no concentration on the advices and suggestions that doctor was giving to my mom. My mind was deviated to my home and Meera. My mother-in-law’s birthday was on that day. I compulsorily should reach home on the occasion of birthday. If I could not manage to go I am well know about Meara’s wrath and offense on this subject. After all I have some duties towards my wife.

After returning from there, deep in my mind I was afraid of my mom coming along with me to my home. I thought I will give tickets my mom which are up to village and will silently shove up from there. But my heart was weeping inside.

In the midnight, how my old mother will go home. She even cannot see from her eyes. Rapidly, my thoughts were deeply engrossed in Meera. That I she saw my mom along with me returning to the home. She will then utterly say a word due to the anger. How will I then manage to make my mother-in-law to visit to local sites in my city. She came to my house only for this purpose to travel and visit sites that my city is famous for. I also had taken a long leave from my office only due to this purpose. What will I do then, should I take care of my mom due to her health issues or should I go along with my mother-in-law to roam around the whole city. Suddenly I then very abruptly shake my head. I then made soft corner of my heart into a stone.

From very far I could see a light coming from the city. Train’s speed went slow on reaching the platform. The train then stopped on the platform. I gave ticket to my mom and said,” I have called dad and he said he will come to the village’s station to pick you up.” In hurry, I pick up the bag and get off the train without even greeting my mother.

At that time only, my mom called me off from the window, what if my mom came along with my mother”, thinking of this only made my heart beat so fast. My mom took out a cloth wrapping some material out of her torn bag and said, this cloth contains flavored flatbreads, I know you are very fond of the flatbreads that are made from my hands.”

I am not able to see properly but I had made best of my efforts to make these flatbreads in a round shape, but it got an irregular shape, but they have the same taste and are made with love”. She kept her hand on my head and blessed me. While blessing she said, “Son, reach safely to your home. Thake care of Meera and children” If anytime so get free from your daily up and downs please visit us, to your village. Your father always memorizes the time we spent with you and is eagerly waiting to meet you. After listening to all this my eyes were filled with tears. My heart was filled with remorse. I felt that my mom was complaining about my behavior. I said my mom the sour and bitter words that I could have but my mom is unbigoted lie the mother earth and have a very mammoth heart that it didn’t had a breakdown for my bitter behavior and words. From her eyes, I could that it is filled with the vast ocean of immense and pure love for me. Her lips were filled with the songs of love. Her face had a mile full of love. Why it shouldn’t be she was bestowing, she has always learned to give with her full heart.

The train blew a whistle, train started moving with a slow speed. My mom kept looking at me until when I was vanished from her eyes. She was raising her hand to give me more blessings. Her lips kept repeating blessings and was filling my heart and thoughts with her blessings.