Aam was a 8 year old boy who had shifted schools because of his father’s transfer from countryside to the city. For him, a new city meant a new school and new class. At the previous school he did not have any friends, so this time at the new school he gave himself an assignment of making friends no matter what it takes, he was fed up of being alone. It’s not that he didn’t try at previous school, but no one seemed to like him.

Aam with determination and hope to make friends entered the class 3 of the school. After 3 periods, it was recess, Aam had been waiting for it since morning. He approached a group. Riya was telling everyone that she went to market with her mother and there….. “I also went to market yesterday,” Aam interrupted in between. Aam’s interrupting behavior and poor listening skills made Riya dislike him.Unaware of it, Aam continued his story. Well here Aam clearly didn’t gain any respect and he attained a negative score in his first assignment.

Now it was games period , Aam wanted to play football with other classmates. He thought of showing his exceptional football skills and making friends. He asked his classmates if he could join them, and they happily agreed. But while playing the game Aam hardly passed the ball to anyone and this made his team lose the game. Aam clearly lacked cooperation and wasn’t a team player. Further his arrogance that he is the best at the game annoyed the other players and he lost further points in his assignment of making new friends.

After day one of the school got over, he was waiting with others for his parents to pick him. While waiting he thought of playing with the puppies beside him. While playing with them he kicked one of the puppies thinking of it as football and then started laughing at him while the puppy was crying. He didn’t feel the pain the puppy must have gone through and lacked empathy. This further made him lose respect in front of his other classmates.

After reaching home, Aam wondered if he tried hard enough to please everyone, not realizing that he didn’t have to try to please. He was sad thinking that he would be alone here in the new school as well and wasn’t talking to his mother. To which his mother asked what all happened in school. He told his mother about his assignment and every event which took place in school. His mother then made him aware of his lacunas and asked him that it is never too late to transform or change. Aam worked on his behavior and habits which he was earlier unaware of slowly. And now he is the favorite person of everyone in class.