Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh has emerged on top of this six months long match. Our wrestlers may be champions on the ring but Brij Bhushan Singh knows very well how to win in the political arena. Now you will say why am I being like this when charge sheet against Brij Bhushan is filed and case is registered.

Is it charge sheet or a clean chit?

No matter how much wrestlers Vinesh Phogat ,Sakshi Malik, Bajrang Punia and others raise their voice, ultimately Brij Bhushan will win because politics in sports make it complicated. The man who has 40 cases registered against him, who dominates wrestling federation and politics can’t be defeated. Despite continuous protest, evidences, voices and sentiments against Brij Bhushan nothing is done. Forget about his arrest or resignation as MP, he didn’t even loose his position as president of wrestling federation. 1this is what needs to be understood.

One can see the charge sheet has been filed by police with serious allegations like section 354, 354 A, 354 D and 506. Now all these sections are bailable. 99% certainty that he won’t be arrested as per Supreme court guideline. It remains to be seen how court reads the situation if Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is summoned. Meanwhile Delhi police has sought cancellation of POCSO act against Brij Bhushan Singh because the minor complainant withdrew her statement made it easier for Brij Bhushan Singh. Cases are nothing new for politicians they can find way around it. Court will study this matter, it can summon police and Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh for questioning. Court will decide the fate of this case.

Wrestlers Dangal for justice…

Wrestlers played their sport but here another sport is being played…they are in shock after chargesheet. Wrestlers say that weak chargesheet shows that police is working under government pressure to save Brij Bhushan Singh. On the other hand Brij Bhushan is admant not to budge from his position.

It is alleged that government is listening only to their MP who has a very strong influence in Uttar Pradesh politics. If action is taken, Brij Bhushan may switch to other political party, therefore it comes down to seats.