It was seven AM and I was prepared to leave my apartment. I took a gander at the space for the one final time and reviewed my recollections I had in there with my companions. It was hard yet the time had come to leave. The ticket was reserved, the sacks were stuffed and everything was set. I took an autorickshaw to the railroad station and arrived at the stage where my train was going to show up. When the train halted I boarded the train and looked for my seat.

I stayed there, watched through of my window and saw individuals waving their hands to their friends and family. The Train began to move gradually and I felt a pity somewhere down in my heart of some kind. After that I out of nowhere sneered understanding that I am seeing my family interestingly three years. I was truly eager to see my loved ones particularly my canine.

My body was recently drained and I nodded off in the midst of the normal turbulent train encompassing. At the point when I opened my eye my station had shown up. I deboarded the train and got a cart to my home. While I was in the cart I could detect the smell of my old neighborhood and the tranquil wave to me.

When got down of cart everybody were sitting tight for me, my canine ran towards me and licked me, he was excessively glad to see me. I cleaned up and legs and sat for lunch. The actual smell for to the point of filling my stomach since I was worn out on my wreck food which was not delicious or sound. I completed my lunch and went directly to meet my companions. I met them and had some good times till the sun went down. At long last I was home and I dozed calmly on the patio seeing the magnificence of moon in the night sky.