This story reflects the upbringing of parents in today’s time when there is cheat and corruption all around.


Kids always have a tendency to learn something new. They always ask WHY and in return, want to get their WHY answered back.

The tale is about a girl who was very patient, hard-working, respectful and bubbly by nature. She was very studious. Her father was a teacher and mother house – wife. Her name was Saloni.  She was just 12 years old but was quite mature of her age. Her family condition was not very good but she was never deprived of anything in her life. Whatever she demanded from her parents, they fulfilled. They made her study in the city’s best school. What mattered to them most was her smile which came whenever she got anything or when she would secure first position in class or anything. She really loved her parents. To her, her only God were her parents. They were also blessed to have such a daughter like her. She had a very melodious voice too. She was a complete package. Good in studies, sports, extra – curricular activities; everything.

Once she was cycling way back to her home. On the way, near a smoking kiosk, she saw a white packet with rupee notes coming out of it. She got suspicious and stopped her cycle there only. She picked it up and saw that a huge amount was there in the packet. She didn’t know what to do. She asked people around if that packet was theirs, but no one answered her in a positive way. Everyone said NO. She could not leave that packet there as she thought that that amount would be the result of someone’s hard – work and it might end up in some bad person’s hands; so she just put the packet in her bag and went away.

Before going to home, she went to the garden of her society and quietly calculated the amount. It totalled to Rs.25, 000/-. Now, she was worried. She had not seen such a huge amount before.

She thought of telling about it to her mom and dad and thus, descended back to her home. After reaching home, she narrated the whole incident to them.

They got startled that how could a person be so careless to just leave a packet with such a big amount without any notice. They decided to give that money to the police. But then Saloni’s mother said that if they would give the amount to the police, then those corrupt people would eat that whole money and the needy person would not get anything.

They decided to enquire in the same area, under the same tree where Saloni had found the packet. They put up a notice stating that if anyone had lost their any of the valuable and precious thing, kindly contact them. Only an hour had gone since the notice had been put, a whole big crowd gathered. Now, they were confused what to do. They could not trust anyone because they did not know whose packet it was. They went to the temple and offered prayer as to let them meet the real owner of the packet.

Then a man came, crying and pleading in front of God to help him get his packet. They asked him about it and got to know that he was the real owner and that, the packet had fallen out unknowingly from his pocket and he had saved that money for giving to the caterers of her sister’s wedding. They handed over him the money and went home happily.