Kavya have you packed your luggage mom is shouting at me in a hurry while i say yes it’s almost done. My family and I are going to attend Veera uncle’s daughter’s wedding in this summer. So, this summer I am going to spend at Rajasthan. This is my first time going to Rajasthan, other than Delhi I have travelled much. Meanwhile we reached to Railway station in a taxi. Our train was on the platform and we got in to the train. Raju and Me urging for a window seat although he won because first born child should scarifies. Train started to move and I plugged my ear phones while I check the Messenger. When I checked the time on my phone, it was after lunchtime, so I ate it while my mother served it. We were getting close, my father murmured as he started to wake me up. My father is overjoyed and eager to see his childhood buddy Veera Uncle as I opened my eyes and stood up. Veera uncle used to attend the same college, but for personal reasons he dropped out and needed to take care of his father’s property instead. We arrived at the station, and everyone departed except for me. As I was getting off, my leg slipped under the weight of my big luggage, and I fell on the platform. As usual, my brother was laughing cruelly as I checked with my luggage, and as I was about to get up, a hand went out and assisted me in standing up.

soft voice reached me “ARE YOU OK Kavya”. When I looked at him, his worried face was so handsome. I stared to feel embarrass. My father introduced that handsome to me by the name Krishna. We both greet each other while we reached to his car. While driving this handsome told that veera ucle could come to reach us because of marriage works. We eventually arrived at the residence. Everyone is happy to see us. My father and Veera uncle hugged each other as we sat on the sofa, and my mother and Mrs. Veera Aunty began talking about wedding shopping. Shalini, the bride, smiled as she met me. Mom and dad went downstairs to their rooms. Veers uncle directed Krishna to show me the room that had been assigned to me. He pulled my suitcase from my hands as I was going to take it and told me to follow him. The room was really pleasant and comfortable. He left the luggage in my room and said goodnight. I took a shower before going to bed.

I got up at eight o’clock in the morning and dressed traditionally. When I arrived downstairs, everyone was eating breakfast. Mrs.Veera aunty greeted me with a bright grin and handed me the breakfast that she had prepared. This handsome seated in front of mine eating apple for breakfast . He was so involved in the newspaper that he didn’t even notice me. I was sitting in my room loving the scenery when Shalini knocked on the door and offered me to her wedding shopping. I said I would love to start dressed up for the shopping. We both headed to down, Mrs.Veera aunty smiled and encouraged me to acquire a dress for the wedding because it was my first time visiting their home. I smiled and informed her there were no formalities, but she insisted, so I agreed.

I opened the car door , Handsome Krishna in the driver’s seat, his muscles bulging. I waited a minute before deciding whether to sit alongside him or not. He smiled at me and offered me a seat beside him. His smile was endearing. He has dimples on his right cheek while smiling. Meanwhile, Shalini sat in the rear of my seat and asked her brother companion to drive her to the shopping mall. We arrived at the mall and exited, while her brother proceeded to park the car. Meanwhile, we took an escalator and explored the mall’s first and second floors. Shalini is looking through different suits for the Haldhi function. We purchased the dress she desired. Her brother arrived at the shop. Shalini reached out her hand to a man. He was introduced as her groom by her. They wanted little private space, so Krishna and I left. I responded yes when he inquired if I was hungry. We climbed the steps near the food court. He waited for me to choose the food. He initiated the conversation, and we both engaged in it for a time. As our lunch arrived, we shared it and ate. He led me to the ground floor to get some ice cream. I started talking and exchanged our thought, as we share the ice cream flavours. I was very impressed by this maturity. I noticed his funny angle too. Meanwhile, the wedding pair arrived. He is set to leave for his office for work after the couple hugged. Shalini spent two hours shopping for wedding necessities. She was exhausted after shopping. We got in the car and drove home. Everyone could see Shalini’s shopping.

I went to my room, had a shower, and promptly fell asleep. I awoke at 7:00 p.m. and dashed down the stairs. Everyone is conversing. I went in search of my mother. Mom was assisting Mrs Veera aunty. They were making refreshments for everyone. In the meantime, I served everyone, even Krishna. Shalini later invited me to her room. We sat and chatted about our collages because we both had certain things in common with our different colleges. Mrs Veera aunty finally called us for dinner. We finished our meal, and the elders are discussing wedding arrangements. I went upstairs. I took a book in my bag and I stared reading. After some time I wanted to take a fresh and I went to the hallway since I needed to get some air. I started to feel the fresh air as I closed my eyes. I could hear someone approaching me as I heard their footsteps. After turning around, I saw Krishna. “Feeling bored”? I replied off-handed while grinning. He then inquired as to my interest in watching a movie. I replied, “Yes.” Krishna invited Shalini to the home theatre. I sat on the same sofa as Shalini.

On the first sofa, Krishna sat down. We commenced viewing the film. The film, which told a love story, was excellent. I was a little embarrassed and embarrassed when the hero and heroine shared a kiss in the middle of the movie. In the midst of the movie, when the hero and heroine have a passionate kiss, I felt a twinge of embarrassment and headed towards Shalini, who was sound asleep. I then noticed that Krishna was hiding a smile. We didn’t exchange looks. I wanted to continue fast forwarding that scenario, but I was unable to. Even though the kiss was incredibly cute, I’m embarrassed at how shy I look. Later, a joyous, concluding title marks the end of the film. We each went to our different rooms after the movie. I had a lot of refreshment when I woke up, put on my customary pair of trousers, and descended the stairs. Shalini grabbed my hand and dragged me into her room where she begged for my assistance in choosing a dress for the Mahanadi ceremony. I did. After we had later discussed what to wear in the next occasion. We shared hobbies, she abruptly inquired about my love life. I replied honestly that I am single. I’m not sure why she was joyful, but I can see her smiling. We engaged in some girlie activities. After returning to my room, I checked my messenger.

Shalini arrived as I was responding to those and said that everyone was calling for me. I went downstairs where everyone, including my mother and father, were staring at my face. I sat next to Mrs Veera since she insisted on it. I had the impression that I was going on an interview. My father questioned me about my interest in other men. Krishna entered the room and turned to face me after five minutes. He is different this time. He was giving me a flirtatious look. My parents began reassuring me that they act in my best interests. Veera uncle interjected in the meantime and stated that they would want to propose a marriage to Krishna and me. I was startled. I noticed that he was staring at me when I looked at him and assumed that he was aware of the proposal.

I said directly that I don’t have any plans to get married right now and that I would like to get a master’s degree. Mr and Mrs Veera faces were extremely heartbroken. My father interfered as I bent my head slightly to look at Krishna’s face, saying, “Whatever it may be, it is her decision. We would like to respect it,” but my mother was not certain about what I had just said. We had supper together later, and as he is sitting down next to me, he smiles. I was a little bit down because I had assumed he would be miffed by my choice. I believe he approved of my choice. I finished my dinner, bid everyone good night, and went back to my room. Later, I lay awake in bed contemplating MR. handsome response to my rejection of his patents marriage proposal.

“Perhaps he’s not into me”. “Maybe he didn’t get to know me”? Why is he back to normal after I responded it killing me. By way of all the thoughts, I dozed off completely. At four in the morning, I suddenly awoke up. When the morning air touched my skin as I walked down a straight hallway to get some fresh air, my lips involuntarily smiled. Without second thought, I went down to meet Krishna as he was working in his grandfather’s field. After noticing me, she gave me a warm welcome. We were having a normal talk when I questioned him about his studies. He is a gold medallist in law, and I was speechless by his credentials. I remarked, “Oh, that’s fantastic, I had no idea you were a gold medallist.” I chuckled. We both went without speaking for a while. I was about to move when he spoke about his hobby of farming and avoided making eye contact. I talked about harvesting. Later, we put a stop to our discussion and entered the home. Mrs Veera gave us a breakfast call. I sat next to him as Mrs Veera served with much devotion. The wedding is quickly approaching, and everything is going according to plan. The following morning, I awoke to some bustle and walked downstairs. The house was bustling with family members. The preparations for the marriage involve my father and Veera uncle very significantly.

The wedding is nearby by because tomorrow is Shalini’s haldhi occasion. The wedding had everything set up perfectly. My eyes was fixed on Krishna. He was conversing with his cousins, who were also girls. Alongside him, his mother Mrs Veera was conversing with his cousins. I approached the sofa gently and was about to seat down when Mrs Veera aunt beckoned and introduced me to the girl Krishna was speaking to. She was attractive, especially considering how well-built her body was. When Veera uncle called him, Krishna didn’t even notice me and he immediately left for some task. I said, “Let me say hello to you.” She was very gracious. Hema, as Shalini called her, told me about me with a smile and we hugged enthusiastically. Hema and Shalini entered their rooms. I walked to my mother and sat next to her quietly.

Veera aunty later invited everyone to lunch. I remained still for three hours in the same spot. I tend to be a bit moody. For lunch, Krishna climbed the stairs to call Hema. While eating lunch, Hema and Krishna sat next to each other and engaged in an animated conversation. Krishna was preoccupied with Hema and didn’t even utter a word to me.

Shalini’s Mahanadi is today, so after eating my lunch, I walked to my room. Mahanadi declaration is currently ongoing. While I was still in my room, Shalini entered and told me to get ready for the Mahanadi because there will also be a dance performance. Kavya, she demanded that you dance at my wedding. I got ready for the occasion and went looking for Krishna. He was conversing with some employees. I wished he could see me. I went to him and told him that the decoration was wonderful, and he smiled and said thank you. I waited for his response as he saw me. Hema came up to us and greeted us both while I was still waiting. Right away, Krishna exclaimed, “Hey, you’re very beautiful.” I was quite saddened after hearing those statements since I had wanted Krishna to utter them on my behalf. I kept quiet, simply grinned at them both briefly, and then I left.

My father sat next to my mother as I went to her. I caught my brother’s eye. He questioned what happened. I remained silent. So why do you seem so agitated, he questioned. I told him to stop talking. He did. I came very close to speaking during the entire Mahanadi. My mother went to a dance with Mrs. Veera aunt. For Mahanadi, Shalini came and took my hand. I proclaimed my disinterest. Hema and Krishna dance together. I was furious. I am aware that I declined the marriage proposal, but I am unsure of the source of this emotion. Mahanadi was made mandatory by Shalini. My two hands are full of mehandhi, so I said, “Okay.” Everyone is joyfully dancing. I was searching for the Krishna. I saw the hema. Mahanadi was likewise crammed into her hands. She is next to Krishna. They shouldn’t interact, in my opinion. I then headed upstairs. Even though my mother pushed me to eat dinner, I still don’t want to. I locked myself in my room after entering. Since I don’t want Shalini to feel awful, I decided against washing my hands. On the sofa, I sat. My heart was heavy with sadness. My mother knocked on the door of my room four hours ago. I unlocked it. I was going to say anything when my mother interrupted me again and said, “I also came from the same age of yours,” adding, “You Still Had A Chance.” My mother then sat next me. I was silent throughout. I stopped her as she was ready to leave and gave her a hug. Leaving, she did.

The Mahanadi ceremony has ended. My watch told me it was almost 11:00 p.m. when I checked the time. After leaving my room, I sat on the sofa in the corridor and gazed up at the stars. They shone so brightly. I am still a with Mahanadi. It’s Krishna; I heard footsteps. Hema is not standing by him this time. I am about to depart because I am furious with him despite the fact that I said nothing. I got up and moved a little before hearing him say, “Why don’t you stay beside me?” I experienced shock and joy at the same moment. I looked in his direction. Why don’t you stay by my side for a bit, he suggested. Ok, I said. A seat next to him was provided. I sat without speaking. We haven’t spoken much for about 40 minutes. But this sensation lifted my spirits. Nearing midnight now. I was ready to depart when I stated, “I’m sleepy.” He stepped up and abruptly took my hand. My entire dry Mahanadi is falling. He touched me for the first time today. He then abruptly wrapped his hand around my hip and bribed me to compliment him. My shock has driven my eyes to widen. The distance between us is just one inch. We now turned to face one other. “Don’t you really like me,” he questioned.

My heart rate increased by about 130. I still remain silent. Now I’m going to hug you, he said. If you’re kind, give me another embrace; if not, push me. I’m at a loss on what to do. He hugged me, and we are no longer apart. My entire body is trembling. He gave me a long hug. He asked me again if I liked him or not. I said, “I’m sleepy, I need to go to my room,” this time as I opened my mouth. He moved his hand while grinning flirtatiously. I locked my room as I ran to it. I slam into my bed. My head is now filled with ideas because I’ve lost all of my sleep. I rose and cleaned my Mahanadi. went to bed once more. I slept slowly. The following morning, after getting dressed in a very traditional manner, I began assisting Shalini with her haldhi.

Krishna I blushed as he entered the room to give Shalini her phone, and I don’t know why, but he didn’t stop staring at me. He said as he entered the room that everyone was waiting for the bride. Shalini told me to put her last bit of jewellery in the locker even though I was ready to depart myself. While I was locking the shelf, Krishna approached and assisted me. I told him I was grateful. He asked if we should go. I blinked. You look cute, he said. My flush deepened. He waved goodbye while grinning. I went out and actively participated in haldhi as well. And I danced. I’m having a good time. I participated actively in the water game. I gave everyone a drink of water. When I was ready to pour water on Krishna, he seized the vessel from me and doused me in it without giving me a chance. I’m fully drenched. He tugged me back towards him this time, but there was no space between us. I had run to the corridor, but no one was there, so I was looking for a way out.

He’s also drenched. Our four heads were in contact, and he was staring into my eyes. I smiled slightly as I slowly closed my eyes. He gently nudges me to change my clothes. I changed into new clothes in my room. The haldhi is nearly finished. Everyone is reportedly eating lunch out. Shalini was overjoyed to be getting married to her beloved tomorrow. The years go by. On the wedding day, I prepared and sat down to wait to see my parents. The home was really noisy. Everyone is getting ready to enter the reception hall. The distance from the residence to the wedding venue is 3 kilometres. My father said that my baby was as adorable as ever. Mom walked out and gave me a hug. Everyone is about to board the vehicle. However, my mother instructed me to present Krishna in front of everyone. Even Mrs Veera aunt insisted on it. I feel very anxious. As I sat down, Krishna closed the car door after he had opened it. He sat in the driver’s seat as well. We moved forward. Only the two of us are in the car. After a while, he said, “U look gorgeous, G.” I jumped, but solely from within my joy. At the door, I thanked you. We must pass a bride. The automobile abruptly halted.

What happened, I enquired. He remained silent. I don’t know why, but he got out of the car. He opened the door to my seat, took hold of my hand, and helped me move forward. His knees were OK. The heart feels honoured. I was astonished when he pulled a ring out of his pocket. He murmured, “Kavya I am aware that it wasn’t until recently that I began to like you after seeing your photo on my father’s phone. I fell in love with you when you moved after falling from the train. Knowing your good nature, I can tell from the way you treat my elders. All of your excellent qualities have made me utterly swoon for you. When I chat too closely to Hema, I see a certain type of jealousy, which is what prompted me to approach you and propose marriage. You don’t have to stop learning. You can pursue your goals. I now own the enchanted phrase, “WILL YOU MARRY ME KAVYA”? My tears are dripping down my cheek in the meantime. The tears are joyful ones. And I could halt them. Hema is one of my closest cousins, and when I asked him about him, he stated he wanted to know how I felt about him. There are no other known intentions between them. so You put me to the test by accepting what I said. You didn’t give me any other options, he retorted. I quickly said “YES I WOULD” after laughing. He gave me a strong hug while placing his soft lips on mine. We arrived at the wedding hall after returning to the car. Everyone is focusing on us. Mr and Mrs Veera are joyfully leaping. My parents are so thrilled that they nearly started crying. We entered the wedding while holding hands. Shalini gave me an embrace. My brother claimed to have foreseen this outcome. Everyone is pleased for us that we decided to engage.

Happy Endding.? Part-2?


  1. Sonu Kumar

    You have an interesting plot and some good descriptions of the characters and the setting. 👍
    You need to work on your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. There are many errors that make your story hard to read and understand. 😕
    You need to use paragraphs to separate different scenes and events. Right now, your story is one long block of text that is confusing and overwhelming. 😮
    You need to show more emotions and feelings of your characters. Right now, your story is mostly telling what happens, but not how the characters react or feel about it. 😐
    You need to add some dialogue and interactions between the characters. Right now, your story is mostly narration, but not much conversation or action. 😶

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