I’m Rathi a 19 years  Girl from Bangalore. When I completed my Schooling I was eager to do my further Studies but doesn’t know what to pursue,I was in a great dilemma then I choose Bachelor of Commerce in a well reputed  college in my own City. I preferred to go morning college as I used to play Basketball from 3.00pm to 5.00pm .

Once when I was playing the ball hit my friend Neha who is 21yrs old pursing final year Bsc.Psychology. She had pain over the area and wasn’t able to play so we took permission from our coach for rest. Meanwhile when our Dean crossed us and asked what happened why ate u sitting idol without playing , we told him about the incident and Sir told us to  go Hospital .

In the Hospital, There came a man who was 6’0 feet tall and was about 60kgs me and my friend where discussing wow such a good physique and we were eager to see his face. When we went nearby and saw his face I was shocked it was Dr.Darshan who was my sister Dr.Anitha’s ex boyfriend.

He then after seeing me started talking saying hey!!! Rathi How r u ?? And enquired about Anitha.

Ya! Bro I’m good and Anitha is very good leading a happy life with her husband in Chennai and she is pregnant too I replied. But since after he hear my reply his face changed from an blooming flower to rotten egg and he left saying take care bye !! 

After a while when my friends’ whole body scan was done …Dr.Darshan came and told wait in the Canteen by 5pm I need to talk to you for few minutes. 

Me and my friend waiting in Canteen meanwhile chilling up the climate with a cup of coffee. And Dr.Darshan came by 5pm at sharp. 

We started speaking about our studies and  so on later came to their love story. My sister Anitha and Darshan were lovers from standard 9th but once they completed their college studies they broke up. Darshan asked whether do I know the reason of our break up ..I told no as I didn’t ask her about it.

Then Darshan told me about it  , they were happy in their love life , meanwhile  during their 4th year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) there came a new girl Rithanya  as Pharm d (PB).

As she was from Bachelor of pharmacy she felt pharmacotherapeutics subject a bit harder and used to ask doubts to me as I was the class representative and topper too. Your sister was able to handle her possessiveness in the early stage but when rithanya became close she was not in control and used to doubt us.

During our final year internship it became a big problem from possessiveness to lots and Whatever I do was a blunder for your sister but she didn’t leave me at any cost. Later on one day when everything was fine your sister Anitha met with an Accident and she lost her memory and forgot me I was able to make her understand but her friend rupa who is one of my competitor doesn’t want me to be happy with Anitha told bad about me and made me get far from her. That day was my first time I hated myself and went to depression as Anitha believed rupa and not me.

During my depression days Rithanya was only my care taker and she was the one who brought me out from the world  of depression. I’m standing here only because of her. And since I came out of depression I fell in love with her and my bad luck the day when I proposed her was the day my good luck left me.

Rithanya met with accident and died on spot. I used to look at her pic and cry. Every time when I try to go to depression I only remember the efforts she put to bring me here. 

Don’t cry Darshan no worries every thing happens for a reason told Neha.

I told Darshan bro I would like to tell you a secret  my sister had an accident but she was not into memory loss. It was true rupa changed her mind but not during accident, but during your internships. My sister wanted you and rithanya to be happy and she had told me about you many times during your break up days and she was also into depression and still being.

I’m sorry Darshan. She is not married and not pregnant. She is still thinking about you . If you still love her then you can go meet her in X hospital by 7pm.I’m leaving its time bye !! 

Me and my friend left the place Neha was very sure that he’ll go meet my sister but I wasn’t .

As psychology works by 7.10 pm my sister Anitha called me and told they are patched up again as before and I was very happy hearing the NEWS.

After few months they were married and had a beautiful daughter named Rithanya by my sister.

Every day is a dynamic and has something new I feel happy that my friend was hit by the ball that day as I saved my sisters and Dr.Darshan’s life.


                                                                                                                                   ~Preethi S