Once, there lived a girl named Shrusti. She had plenty of pimples and did not look so pretty. All the students in her high school used to bully her and make her buy dumplings. She was very much worried about it and changed her high school in her senior year.

She decided to do makeup as she was inspired by a professional makeup artist. She learnt about her skin tone and decided to go to school with makeup. When she entered the school, all the students were stunned by her beauty. She felt very happy and amazed. Everyone talked to her and she made a lot of friends. She made two best friends named Swathi and Shruthi. Shruthi was the class topper and Swathi was a mediocre student. Shrusti was an above average student in academics.

The three of them had great fun and enjoyed their school days. Once, when they went on a 2 day trip, Shrusti hesitated to come to the trip as she was worried about her makeup. But as her friends insisted, she agreed for the trip. During that night, Shrusti was the last one to sleep after removing her makeup. She heard a weird sound and went out. Shruthii also came out by hearing the sound. Shruthi found that Shrusti wore makeup. Shrusti told about her old school, Shruthi felt pity and promised that she would not reveal about her real face.

Shrusti’s mom wanted her to study well and she was also keen in her academics as she wanted to do her college related to makeup. So she asked Shruthi to help in her studies. She also guided and Shrusti also worked very hard and did her exams well. When the result came, it was very shocking to everybody as Srushti took the first place and Shruthi went down to second place.

Shruthi was very angry and jealous of Shrusti and wanted to take revenge on her. So she took Shrusti’s real picture and posted it in her school whatsapp group. It was the hot news in school that day. Shrusti felt very embarrassed and did not go to school. Simultaneously, Swathi searched for the person who posted it and found that it was Shruthi. Swathi felt bad that she did that to Shrusti. Even Shrusti did not believe that and felt very bad after knowing the truth. Though she was embarrassed, she did not hate Shruthi for doing that. This shows her inner beauty. Shruthi felt very bad for doing that to Shrusti, but from then Shrusti was free as everyone accepted her with her real face and no one mocked her. She felt happy and relieved. 

                                                                                                         THE END