We pour our feeling into the pages of our diary, each day and each hour, creating new stories – our stories. But how often have we wondered about the story of  a diary? Never, right? So, this story speaks about the story of  a diary, or rather diaries.


Dear Diary,

My life is going all fine and good.

You are very well habituated to people writing about their life on you. They pour their hearts on your pages very easily, vey delightfully. You are like a silent observer, an on-looker, or that kind friend who listens carefully and helps others give vent to their feelings. You are also a best friend to some who like to stay unobtrusive and don’t prefer the mortal company. Sometimes people are simply passionate about writing on you.

So, today I wish to have a glance on your life, try to understand it and pen down my thoughts on your pages.

We will start form how you are.

You look much like a book, except that people don’t have to study you seriously.

In fact you are meant for study only by your owner. And you are interesting to read, always, unlike some of your cousins (books).

Your thickness varies according to your buyer. If you belong to a businessman, lawyer, officer or anyone who serves his work, then you would be a regular diary which imitates the calendar, printed with the 360 days and has a string of maps, contacts addresses and schedules all over your pages. But if you belong to someone who wishes to capture memories and ideas (like me), then you would be thicker and called a journal. You would hence get filled with emotions, silliness and such stuff which sometimes might be entertaining and sometimes annoying. Occasionally you would get filled with creativity, if you belong to a person who sees the world with a unique vision. That would raise your standards in the world. But unfortunately, you cannot decide your destiny, so simply you have to be happy with the thought that you are an important companion to your owner.

Now we come to your life. That can easily said to be sad and difficult. First sad because all you have to do is listen to others and help them. Neither you can react nor advice. Your owner is very anxious to keep your life a secret and hides you from prying folk. That can be boring and monotonous for you. But one thing that must be the most annoying to you would be the fact that in spite of all this secrecy and hush-hush, you are sometimes stolen and peeped into by your owner’s over-curious peers.Then your writings become the source of entertainment. And it is difficult because you are an easy target, a prey for the furious emotions. You are forced to fight them defenseless.

To start with, you bear the pointed, pressed tip when your owner sits frowning over you with knitted brows and gnashed teeth, nothing down some unhappy incidents of his normally happy life.

You are also made to drink tears after an emotional whirlwind in your possessor’s life. Sometimes you taste fire too, when your owner is anxious to burn down all the past memories that have haunted him over many years and turn them into ashes, so that those thoughts, which were once penned down with a lot of anguish, become a secret forever and never discovered again.

All this is bound to irritate you. But anyhow you survive, swallow your anger and continue to serve your owner selflessly. Truly you are amazing. If everyone in this world could become like you, who listens but never interferes, a friend who is always there, providing solace to troubled souls and puts others’ interests first, uncomplaining; this world, where humanity seems to die down with every rise and set of the sun, would become a better place to live in.


Image Source: AutoImmunee.com