This story is about Jignesh, a journalist and his mother.


Jignesh is a journalist. He wants to work in his city itself because he has only mother and he don’t have siblings. If he moved to the other city then his mother should stay alone in his own house. But he couldn’t find a job in his home town with decent salary. So he decided to search jobs in other cities. Recently he got a job in a city near to his home town. He got this job due to his good academic records.

Even though he has moved to the other city he would always talk with his mom twice in a day. Jignesh also said that his mom can contact him anytime if it was an emergency. He requested the neighbors to take care of her mom. He has provided his office number and personal phone number to the neighbors in his home town. So they can contact him if his mother couldn’t call Jignesh. Jignesh has made every possible arrangement to make her mother comfortable and happy.

Jignesh won’t go to the temples. Because he is busy in his work and also he thought that if god exists then why some people are leading a miserable life. He fears to deny that god does not exist because Jignesh want his mother to live long and he would pray only for his mother. But his mother would always insist him to worship god with full devotion. Jignesh mother believe that we should worship god from the bottom of the heart.

8:00 A.M in Jignesh Apartment

Jignesh: Jignesh wants to speak with his mother. The phone rings on the other side

Jignesh mother: hello Jignesh how is your health now?

Jignesh: ma, I am ok. It was just a viral fever. But you are worrying like I had serious health issues

Jignesh mother: Jignesh, you don’t understand the pain of a mother. Moreover you are living alone there

Jignesh: what to do ma? I have tried my best to get a job in our home town. But the salary was not good to meet our financial needs.

Jignesh mother: yes, I know. Jignesh, listen when you return from the office don’t forget to go to the hanuman temple near to your residence.

Jignesh: ok ma I will go. But is there any special reason?

Jignesh mother: yes I prayed for your health.

Jignesh: ok ma, I will go to the temple as you wish

Evening 5.OO P.M at the Temple

Jignesh moved from the office earlier today. He reached the temple and worshiped the god. After few minutes he got a call from his mother.

Jignesh: ma, I am in temple now.

Jignesh mother: ok now listen, don’t go to your home before 8.OO P.M

Jignesh: ma, what is this? I got 1 hour permission from the office just to visit the temple. I have to leave now and should finish the rest of the office work from home. I cannot stay in temple till 8P.M

Jignesh mother: Jignesh, I am your mother. You should obey to my orders. Maha arti will begin at 6.30 P.M in the temple followed by bhajans conducted by the devotees. You should take part in bhajans and stay there till 8P.M.

Jignesh: ok ma, I will obey to your orders. Everything will be ok. He attended the maha arti and bhajans in the temple and stayed there till 8P.M.

8.30 P.M

Jignesh started to move from the temple and after few minutes his vehicle tyre got punctured. So he parked the vehicle near a shop and walked towards his residence. When he was walking in a street he saw a banyan tree on the ground. The people are gathered around the tree. So he asked a woman.  She said just few seconds ago this banyan tree fell on the ground. The car which was parked under this banyan tree got damaged. But no one has been injured because at this time everyone will be in their home and nobody will stay under this tree.

Jignesh: Jignesh thought that if his vehicle tyre did not get punctured then he would have crossed this street. He may get injured.


Then he moved towards his apartment. He stayed in a 1BHK apartment near to the temple. When he reached his residence he saw more people standing in front of his apartment. So he rushed to the spot. There he saw fire brigade team and he got tensed. Jignesh asked them what happened. They said due to electrical discharge his house caught fire. Jignesh was shocked.

After one hour, Jignesh called his mom and said everything. But his mother said she is happy and was feeling relaxed because Jignesh is safe now. Jignesh asked his mother, ma how do you know that something is going to happen bad with me?

Jignesh mother: Jignesh you know that I have the habit of doing meditation once in every day. Today I could not concentrate well and my meditation didn’t last for 10 minutes.

So I lit the lamp and I have started to worship god. Suddenly I got a feeling that something is going to happen.

Then I remember, I had a dream yesterday and I could view that a watch is showing the time 8.In the dream I didn’t saw anyone. I just saw a watch showing the time. But no changes happened at 8A.M. Then I spoke to you in the morning. In the evening I couldn’t focus on meditation and I got a strong feeling that there was a connection between the time and you. So I have instructed you not to leave the temple till 8P.M.

Jignesh:  thank you ma.

Jignesh mother: I am your mother and I am doing puja every day. I will pray god only for you.

Jignesh: ma, thank you for everything and I love you so much

Jignesh mother: love you too Jignesh. Take care of your health and keep faith in god.

Jignesh: Jignesh was emotional and thought that even though he is a well educated person and know about everything nothing can overpower a mother’s intuition. After all, a mother is emotionally connected with her children.


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