This is the story about mother and daughter’s relation over time. 

Once there was a bubbly girl named Sophia. She enjoys with everyone not just of her own age but with elders and younger’s too. But she never had a best friend at her school so she made her mother her best friend. She used to tell each and everything about what happened at school and that too at one stroke. Her mother does a teaching job at a government school. Despite having a lot of work and tension of the job, the mother very keenly listens to each and every pronounced word of her daughter.

The two had an unbroken bond which was growing with every passing day. Days passed, years went by and the young girl finally has completed her high school and wanted to study further. She got admission in a college which was far from her home. Everyone wondered how these two lives will live without one another. The college was prestigious and it was Sophia’s dream to get admission. Her mother was very strong and she wanted that Sophia should pursue her dream and she herself don’t want to become the hurdle of her glowing path. Sophia went to study but with a promise that her mother would call twice a day and one time a video call irrespective of hectic schedule of both of them.

Years pass, time goes on, as everyone knows it never waits so this was also no exception. Sophia was enjoying in her new company and new environment. She no longer felt the hollowness of her mother’s love. She worked hard to get good grades but never forget to call her mother and to see her plain but beautiful face daily. As Sophia was growing younger and younger her mother started growing older and older.

One day Sophia worked till 6 in noon and suddenly realized that her mother had not called. She was worried and negative thoughts started overpowering her. She ringed her mother’s cell but no one answered. She called about 4-5 times every time with the same result. At last she was annoyed and splashed her phone on the floor. Then she quickly finished her work and went to her room for rest. But internally she was restless that physical rest helped a little.

Next day she rang again but still in vain. Then she took a vow to herself in anger that she from now onward will never call her mother again. She completed her work early and at noon received a call from unknown number.

Initially she thought it to be company’s call and didn’t answer. It rang again and then she replied. After listening a single word she was out of senses and in tears. It was her mother’s call. As she was annoyed she bitterly conveyed her feelings and soon ended the call. Listening to those harsh words was no easy for a woman who was recently discharged from the hospital. Yes, she was in the hospital which was the reason she didn’t attend the phone and video calls. The mother was admitted to the hospital few days ago when she suffered from lower abdominal pain. The doctors checked and reported as nothing serious. As Sophia was attached to her mother very closely everyone planned not to tell anything to her else she might leave her studies in between. This was the biggest lie and secret between Sophia and her mother.

Calls became less as days pass by. The bond of love was affected by hatred and anger. Sophia’s temper became worse and eventually she became impatient. Time ruined everything. Time affected the bond which was once never ending. Being a pampered girl she used to give surprises as well. She got vacations and planned to surprise everyone by a sudden visit. But she had a little idea that it would be she who will be startled seeing the locked door. Pushing the heavy bag aside she called her mother and with outraged voice asked, “Where are you?” Her mother very calmly lied, “We all came to watch a movie. How are you my little ……. “.

She immediately cut off the phone and started doubting her mother’s love. She kept the gift at one side of the door and booked her tickets and went back to her college. This time the doctors said that her infection has been spread and she’s not having much time. After coming back home mother saw the gift and was overwhelmed and immediately called her daughter. Daughter in her bad mood answered to the point and turned the phone down saying, “I am busy maa. Call me later.”

The bond of years was getting weak by time, by space and lies between them. The misunderstanding between these two came out to be far more powerful than the passionate relationship they had many years back.

Just after Sophia’s finals were over she got a phone call from unknown number urging her to come back home soon. She hastily replied, “I am having a party and I am quite busy. I will come home after 5-6 days with an offer letter in my hand.”

Mother was taking her last breath. Her last wish was to see her daughter and eliminate all the misunderstandings between them. But that never happened. After 2 days doctors gave the word. Mother was no more. Sophia had been called. She sprang from the bed and immediately took her things and booked tickets. She reached home and saw the last ritual was going on. She was definitely grief stricken but above all she regretted the most. The love, though was weaken over time, but these two souls were never separated. Sophia cried hard, as hard as she could. She was in deep pain, an irremovable pain. Everyone try to console her. She herself tries to get out from this unbearable pain but all in vain. The guilt would never leave her.

After 2 days, she found a letter while cleaning her mother’s wardrobe. The letter read as:

“My little girl, I might be not with you when you will receive this. This is a not a piece of paper but a token of my love. This paper contains my emotions and feelings which never changed in past years. The situations changed my dear, but the love grows even deeper. We both reacted differently to the same situations but my love and affection has been the same. I know my child that you too love me the same.

It was just your deep concern about me that made you panic and you dealt differently with the going circumstances. And yes! Your worry was in the right direction. No one told you but I was admitted in the hospital for the past few years – nearly when you left for your college. I got a heart stroke and unbearable abdominal pain. I was in the hospital when I lied to you about the movie. Now, my little girl has grown young and smart and a responsible person, so you have to take care of some of my left over duties. I am always with you.

Never think yourself as alone. Find me where you can and feel me in the air. I have always loved you my girl and don’t carry guilt with you. You did nothing wrong. It was just the circumstances which made you reacted in unusual way. I know you admire me and that your affection was never less. Hope you cry little after reading this.

You lovable



Sophia was fully disturbed after reading this. She cried hard and just uttered one word sobbingly “mom”. She can’t believe what she has just read. It gave her a shocking as well as a learning experience. But now her guilt was no more with her. She was relieved from the heavy burden she has been carrying of guilt. She then realized the importance of love and time. Her train of thoughts ran and she discovered that it was neither the time nor the space which ruined everything. It was her reaction to the simple situations which ultimately lead to the complex consequences.

Thereafter, Sophia enjoyed each and every moment ignoring the hollowness and loving the air. She took a job and started supporting her family. Her tempered was changed and she became even more patient. She was aware of the importance of love and being lost of it as she has experienced both. From that time onwards she neither never criticized time nor space but changed her reactions to solve a problem in efficient manner. It has been rightly said that “time heals wound”, and it lessen the pain as well.