Hard work triumphs!

Let’s take the readers to a small village town in which there was huge bustle and cheers, one could hear as one passed by, Although the gathering was as usual with local chats and children playing, display of goods by vendors, etc one could sense something else in today’s air. As the annual race competition was the talk of the town.

In this small town amidst rolling hills, there lived a bright young girl, Shivi. She was bright but her family struggles to make the ends fulfilled for their children. Shivi was very excited to participate in this competition as the winner would get a bicycle and that was her big dream in small mind.  But the only problem now was the shoes which she had only one pair and that was not even the running shoes. So she decided to enter barefoot and was determined and believed in herself and her abilities.

On the day of the race, all the people of the village gathered around the track, excited to witness the event. All the participants stood at the starting line with their athletic gear. Among them stood Shivi barefoot but her strong determination and dream of riding the bicycle shone in her eyes.

The race began with the blow of a whistle and sounds of clappings. The other runners were quite ahead with their athletic gear propelling them forward. Shivi was left behind and faced difficulty in running while her family members were cheering her up. The dust was swirling around her barefoot. All the crowds were watching her and chuckling at the sight of the barefoot girl.

But Shivi did not let all this laughter affect her and she started focusing on her goal running with all her strength inside ignoring all the pain she was going through crossing all hurdles.

And in the race’s final moments, Shivi surged ahead, overtaking her opponents. All those laughter finally erupted into cheers and applause. Her heart was pounding as she finally reached the finish line and emerged victorious.

Shivi’s victory become the talk of the town and her dream of riding the bicycle was fulfilled. With this end, the story teaches us a beautiful moral that hard work finally leads to triumph in spite of all hurdles. You just need to keep focused on your goal and you will finally reach there.