Edward’s nose twitched with pleasure as the aroma of freshly baked bread and the provocative spices emanating, the rattling sounds of chariots pulled by horses and the knights in shinning armor in the magical city of Kamrup. His young eyes couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. 

Edward who was born and bought up in a small village named Duni, where he lived with his parents and 3 siblings. In this world where magic is in every corner of life, Edward’s family and his fellow villagers are ordinary amongst extraordinary with low to no magical powers. But this is a boon in disguise for the villagers, because without any magical powers, the land is also devoid of any monsters and disasters caused by magic, which actually makes the village a safe heaven and a happy place for people to stay.

Edward in the village was the Swan among Ducks, his talent for magic was top-notch as he could use magic even in the mana(the oxygen equivalent for people to use magic) forsaken land. As he grew up, he became more obsessed with learning magic and began to dream of a life full of satisfaction where he would learn magic and be in a big city respected by everyone.

At the age of 17, Edward left his village on a awe-inspiring journey to the biggest magical city in the continent, Kamrup. As he reached the city he came to realize that his journey has just started and he has a lot to learn about magic and know of his true potential. Edward soon joined the Star Magic academy, one of the 3 biggest magical institutions in Kamrup and started to learn more about magic in the following years. 

Edward later joined the Royal Mage Platoon after showing exceptional magical and decision making talent. He soon rose in rank and became one of the strongest mages in the continent. He defeated countless monsters including the fearsome White Dragon that had been terrorizing the continent for decades, hence earning the title of Hero. But Edward was not happy, he had been working hard in pursuing his dream but he was never satisfied. 

After three long decades, Edward was finally returning to his birthplace. He could sense the feeling of home as he came closer to his village, the familiar sights, the fresh mana-less air and people in their fields gave him a different type of relief. Edward approached the village with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation, as he reached his home, he cried out for his mother and father. His parents who were quite old now, came out as fast as they could and cried tears of joy while hugging Edward and exclaiming to everyone that their son is back. His siblings too rushed out and hugged their brother whom they haven’t seen for 30 whole years.

After staying just one night in his home, Edward realized that what he had thrown away in search of something better is what he has been missing his whole life. The sense of happiness and satisfaction he felt was unlike anything he felt in Kamrup. Next morning he sent a magical pigeon to the Mage Headquarters in Kamrup with a letter that said,”I pen this letter to inform that I Edward Chapel am retiring from my adventurous life of being a mage. I have found true peace and happiness in my village amidst my family and the ever so nostalgic surroundings. I hope my decision of retiring from the mage corps is acknowledged. Thank you “. Edward finally understood his goal was just to be satisfied and happy and had nothing to do with money, fame and magic.