Once upon a time, there lived a happy family with a cheerful father, Mr. Sandeep, and a loving mother. Mrs. Sandeep and their son, Suresh, used to be very lovely and bonded every time.

On a very normal day, Suresh was sitting at his place and talking to Gopal, laughing and very happy. Then the teacher enters the classroom with some cards in her hands. And she started to distribute the cards. Some are very happy, and some are very sad because those are their marks. Now the teacher started her announcement and said in one go, The first place is secured by Suresh; congratulations, Suresh. Then he was so happy and excited.

Then he turned to his friend, Gopal. Both looked very happy. Then Gopal showed Suresh his mark card with a smile on his face and said to him, “See, I have got an ‘’O’’ in my drawing, and I am happy that I still want to improve. But Suresh looked disappointed, pointed his finger at the scorecard, and told him you had gained only 50% in your sciences. In an angry tone, he said, “See you tomorrow at my home at 6 o’clock sharp. Let’s prepare for the test. But Gopal thought there was something different in Suresh’s tone, but he didn’t overthink it and went back home.

That day, both went back home and showed their marks cards. Suresh’s parents were very happy, and his mother was happy, but his father was not very happy with his grades.

The next day Gopal knocked on the door, and Mr. Sandeep opened the door and welcomed him home with a smile on his face. Then Suresh came downstairs and told him straight away, “Let’s go upstairs.” They started to study, but it didn’t go well with Gopal, so Suresh was annoyed and came downstairs to get some water while he was taking the water. Someone put a hand on his shoulder. He turned back and knew that it was his father. He asked what happened and why he was looking annoyed.

He told me the situation and said I was just concerned about Gopal.

Then his father took him to his office room and pointed to a photograph and showed him his grandfather, who is a successful businessman. He asked me to join him in his business and take over, but I was very interested in teaching, so I chose this profession as a professor, which gives me satisfaction in my job. Maybe I feel like if I got into the business, I wouldn’t be happy, and also peaceful may create disturbances in the family, so there would be chaos because of my behavior, but this didn’t happen only because I chose the right path. But we are all happy with prosperity and peace. So, there is no right or wrong, and everyone has the right to choose their path and profession. There will be many problems, but you need to overcome them and show the world what you are capable of. So don’t ever think that only studies give you happiness; many things give you happiness.

Thank you, Dad. I have understood that not only studies give happiness but also other activities, so I need to respect them. Then Mr. Sandeep kept his hand on his son’s shoulder and said, I am very proud of you. My son, you have grown up now. Go and help your friend reach his goal.

He went upstairs, opened the door, and told Gopal that my mother was calling us for dinner with a happy face. When Gopal reached downstairs, Mr. Sandeep gave him a box full of colors, and Gopal, with a bright smile, told him to thank him. Thereafter, they had a very good friendship.