I shuffled through the corridors and looked into the classrooms to make sure we didn’t miss anyone for the pictures. I noticed a brunette figure in my classroom

“Let’s go we’re gonna be late Lee”, I called out to the boy

“Let’s breakup”, he said

My heart sunk as I heard those words

“Huh I’m sorry, what did you say?”, I asked pretending not to hear him

“You heard me Sam”, he sighed

“Okay, but can we do this after the pictures”, I said trying to sound as unbothered as possible

“No, you need to let me go right now”

“Let you go? I need to let YOU go? I’m sorry, am I hearing you right?” I questioned

“I don’t love you”, Lee mumbled

“Of course, you don’t love me, we’re 17”, I scoffed

“No, I mean I’ve never even liked you” he said, his voice trailing off

“Oh really, then why are we here Lee? Two days away from our 2 year anniversary”, I said choking on my words

“I know you’ve felt it before”

“Felt what, that you like Sora, ugh Lee finally”, I exclaimed

“Sam”, Lee said stepping forward

I stepped back and put my hand up directing him not to move

“I found your love letters 6 months ago, I was just waiting for you to pull the plug

“You knew? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to be righteous and break up with you, I wanted to let you be the bad guy. Two years Lee, you let me believe for two years that you felt for me. When you were always in love with Sora. I love Sora more than anything in the world, but I love myself just as much. You could have told me the truth from the beginning, but you used me to get to my best friend.”

“Sam, I’m…”, Lee started

“NO! We’re done and you need to know that you messed up. Thank YOU for letting ME go.”

I walked out of the classroom as quickly as possible and found Sora looking at me. I smiled as I looked at her and walked past her

“Pictures, we’re late”, I said, my throat clogged as my tears filmed over my eyes

“He did it”, Sora roared, “I’m going to be the death of him today”

She tried to walk by me to the classroom but I pulled her back

“That’s it Sora, I’m tired of this, living in misery, knowing this isn’t real, convincing myself that this is okay because of what he did, knowing, that I’m coming in between the two of you”

Finally, I let it out.

I said it, my monologue as the villain of this love story

I’ve known since the day I saw them lock eyes for the first time, but I lied, to myself, her, him, the world. But when he told me what I wanted I decided to believe him, and she knew he was my reason, and like that I ruined three lives for 2 years maybe for eternity. It’s all my fault and I’m going to pay for it forever.