There was a village “USTAD NAGAR”. The name was truly sarcastic for the people living in the village.  Village members were illiterate and don’t even had basic knowledge of science. Their life was as normal as they used to earn some money by working in nearby factory. They were living an ordinary life.

Different from the other people in the village there was a man “SURSURI SINGH. He was ambitious and used to think that he is the most intelligent person than anyone else in the world. His thoughts were raised to the seventh heaven not only by his attitude but also by other village members who were illiterate. Unlike others he didn’t like to work in factory. So he had his own laboratory.

Sursuri Singh had three son alpha, beta and gamma because of his different lifestyle so he named them in symbols of science and used to teach his sons himself in his laboratory.

The teaching was mostly grasped by his son gamma. He (γ) was intelligent and fast learner. This man’s (Sursuri) wife was “DOLLY SINGH. She was the only one from whom Sursuri Singh was afraid of. Dolly Singh loved his son alpha who was chubby and fun loving.

 Beta was the neglected child. He was loved neither by mother nor by father. Beta was the slowest learner among the three.

Alpha, beta and gamma loved a girl DELTA who was a beautiful girl with mesmerizing eyes, silky hair and pretty face. But the only problem was not that they all loved a single girl but the main problem was that she was the only daughter of ROCKET SINGH. Rocket Singh was the competitor of Sursuri Singh in the scientific field. He also had a laboratory and but had a problem (in his yard) of having stars in the swimming pool.

Three sons once told their father that they loved a girl DELTA who was the daughter of his rival and they all wanted to marry her and want their father to choose the most suitable groom for her from the three of them. Firstly, he got angry but after seeing his favorite son’s curiousness he went to meet Rocket Singh in the morning and put forward the marriage proposal of his sons. Rocket Singh didn’t even want to see the face of Sursuri but he somehow controlled himself and called his daughter and asked her about the marriage. She was also ready but she wanted that her father should choose the most suitable boy.

Rocket thought that it was the right time to have solution of his problem.

Rocket Singh declared in front of other village members that his daughter will marry the guy who’ll solve his major problem. Alpha, beta and gamma accepted the challenge but were nervous too. They were told to come at night to Rocket Singh’s house because the problem used to occur at night only. The problem was that there were stars in swimming pool as per Rocket Singh and he wanted to get rid of them. The three of them started finding the solution. Gamma was using scientific techniques but all were in vain because they were not applied in the right way as the knowledge given by his father was not that much correct. Alpha was applying desi format techniques which were also useless. Both of them went back to their house and leaving beta alone.

Beta was thinking about stars and sky. Then the thought came in his mind and he removed all the water from the pool and instantly called Rocket Singh. Rocket Singh was happy to see that there are no more stars in the pool and confirmed beta β as his son in law.

Early morning Rocket declared in front of all the village member beta as his son in law. Sursuri and Dolly were also shocked. Then beta was asked that how he had done this then he said that the only problem was the reflection of the stars. Sursuri also got impressed and was proud of his son.

The sarcasm was that being most intelligent persons of the village. Sursuri and Rocket Singh didn’t even have the knowledge of fundamentals of reflection.

So, children be like beta because beta was a smart kid like you and he used his knowledge and presence of mind and found his love of life.



Characters Sketch


1.Alpha α– Age-24

                Roly Poly kind of person.

                Perfect Butterball.

                Cutest and Mumma’s Boy.

                Fun loving and Cheerful nature.

                Chubby Cheeks.

2.Beta β– Age-24

              Skinny type of person and neglected by both mother and father          

              Never happy and find something wrong in each and every topic.

              Always had sad face and next to impossible to make him smile.

3.Gamma γ -Age-25

                   Loves doing stunts.

                   Highly intelligent so loved by father.

4.Sursuri Singh- Age-50.

 He used to think he was the most intelligent person in the world but actually he was not.  

Supercilious and father of alpha, beta and gamma.

His favorite son was gamma because he was fast in grasping the scientific stuffs.

5.Dolly Singh- Age-45

       Typical Mother of three sons.

       She loved to cook food especially for her son alpha.

       She was a housewife so she don’t had any interest in scientific stuffs.

       For her husband’s work is useless.

6.Delta δ- Age-22

                   Pretty girl with beautiful eyes and hairs.

                    Crush of alpha, beta and gamma.

                    Hottest girl in the village.

                    Daughter of Rocket Singh.

7.Rocket Singh-Age-50

  Opponent of Sursuri Singh

  Ambitious person

 He wanted to do better professional works than Sursuri Singh.

 He had a problem which was mere reflection of stars on the swimming pool which he considered to be a big problem.