The story has three characters inside, helpless father and his three sons.


Once in a village there lived a man who was a farmer. He had three sons. All of them quarreled among themselves every time. They even did not take care for their father and did not listen to anyone’s advice. In village also whenever anyone gave them good advice all of his three son’s started fighting with them. They did not like each other at all. They fought with each other all the time. They fought even on the matters that were of not so much importance. Their father was very much frustrated with them and did not understand what to do.

This was not liked by their father and whenever he tried to tell them anything they were not ready to listen to him. No matter how much he tried to convince them and explain them anything they were not ready to listen to their father. Their father tried to do this so many times but all of his efforts were in vein. His sons were not ready to listen to anything. He became helpless, worried and thought what would happen to his family once he dies as he is already old aged and would not live more now. He wanted to see all his live together happily.

So out of frustration one day when he was passing by the village he met a wise man and explained him the whole scenario. The wise men gave him one plan and told him to execute the same. Their father took advice of a wise man and executed the plan given by the wise man and which they both had thought in their mind and called all the three sons in his room. He gave each one of them a stick and asked them to break it. They brook it easily. After that their father gave them bundle of sticks and told them to break it. It was not possible for them at all to break that bundle of stick. After everyone was done with these task, their father explained them the importance of unity.

Their father explained them it is easy to break you and your unity when you are alone but when you are together it is not easy to separate you. Even the hardest battle can be won by you when you are united. Like when it was easy for you all to break an individual stick but when you were given a bundle of sticks it was difficult for you all to break it. So like that when you are together no one can break you or your unity but when you are alone it can be easily done by anyone. So never fight amongst yourself and stay united. After that all the three sons lived in peace and unity and their father was happy to see them live happily together.

The moral that we get from the story is it is easy break a family or friendship of the individual’s when they are alone but when they are united it is difficult to do so.