Growing up with his loving single mother Jack always felt a void when the word “Father” strikes to his ears. He was ten years old when his father met with a unforeseen accident and was announced dead. Till date not a single day have passed without feeling that empty feeling of not having a father to guide him through his life. He admired him so much that he would take every decisions by asking himself “What would dad do?”

Today he turned sixteen and while cutting his birthday cake he wished nothing but the presence of his father besides his mother. He celebrated his birthday with his few friends and his mother. The day came to an end he wished her mother goodnight early because tomorrow was a big day for him. He was going to meet his new football coach and was very determined on making a good first impression so he considers him to be the team captain.

Next morning he reached the ground on time, started doing his daily warmup and was eagerly waiting for the new coach. Soon the couch came and introduced himself to everyone “Hello boys. I am Robin, your new coach.  As its my first day with you guys lets start with some basic drills.” Everyone welcomed the coach and started following his instructions including Jack. During his next drill Jack thought to impress the coach by doing a new move that he had learned and in this process he slipped and fell on his knee. Everyone started laughing and Jack felt embarrassed. Coach made everyone quite and asked jack to leave today as he was injured. On his way back he was so mad at himself and missed his father.

Later that day Jack bumped into coach in corridor and started apologizing for what he did this morning. The coach gave an uninterested nod and continued. This made jack more anxious and his heartbeat started racing and he sat on the floor immediately. Fortunately coach looked back once again on his way and saw Jack sitting there. He went back to him and asked Jack to take few deep breadths and tried to calm him. After his breathing improved the coach asked him what caused that and jack said that how important it was for him to become the captain of the football team because playing football with his father was one of the best and last memory for him.

From that day the coach assured Jack that he can come to him anytime when he feels like he needs a fatherly advice. Day by day their bond grew and Jack still missed his father but that deep void now felt shallow.