The story revolves around a middle-class family which had a very small world of their own, that of Mr. Kopikar. He had his wife and a lovely daughter, Samaira living in a 2 BHK flat which they had bought after a lot of struggles. Mr. Kopikar gave tuitions from classes 1-12 while Mrs. Kopikar was a businesswoman who made pickles, papads at home and sell them. Samaira was an ideal daughter.

She was beautiful; both at heart and looks. Was good in studies. Respected her elders a lot. Her parents had inculcated all the good things in her so that she goes on to become a great human being like them. Its not that they could not make both their ends meet, but it’s just that they did not have such a lavish or well-off life wherein they could buy anything without looking at price tags or go to malls for shopping. Regardless of this, they had tried to provide their daughter with everything she wished for.

Samaira too knew the condition of her family, that’s why never demanded anything. But because her parents loved her so much, they could understand that also which she would not even say. Mr. Kopikar was the secretary of the society where he lived. Because of his humble, generous, down to earth nature and his utmost honesty; he had been appointed as the secretary of the society. He did not even charge a penny for it because he was doing everything with his own will and that too for the betterment of the society. Everyone appreciated his efforts. He had got a lot of great friends who were not only his neighbors or just friends, but were like his family members. He always used to get teased for ironing his wife’s saris  and also for delivering papads. But he too would take it in a fun way as of course, it was just a joke.

Their 10th anniversary was going to come in a few days and both Mr. and Mrs. Kopikar did not know what to gift each other.

But after a long research and thinking, Mrs. Kopikar decided to gift him a scooty as she knew that her husband needed it a lot due to his travelling for tuitions and delivery work. But what her husband was going to gift her was still in the future’s womb.

Mrs. Kopikar along with her bunch of friends went on to buy the scooty as she was a bit nervous to go and buy herself because she had no prior knowledge regarding this. So she had to divulge the surprise. Her daughter and her friends decided to give a lavish anniversary party to them as they were the loveliest couple in the whole lot. Everything was going according to the plan. They bought a scooty and asked the showroom manager to get it delivered that day only as it was an anniversary gift from her to her husband. The manager respected her feelings and ensured that the scooty would be delivered on time.

The night came. Everything was set, only the couple had to be brought ready in the society compound. Mrs. Kopikar wore a red shimmer dress and was being made-up by her friends. Mr. Kopikar wore a black suit. Both were blind-folded and brought downstairs. When their blind-fold was opened, both were amazed to see each other in great outfits.

The scooty came and Mr. Kopikar was surprised to see it. He asked her wife that how did she get it. She explained that she had been saving it for a while and bought it with the help of her ladies friends. Then Mr. Kopikar gifted her that necklace which they had kept with a jeweler for some work and now, had bought it . Everyone was in an awww  moment after seeing such love blossoming.