I was searching my mother in sky, but she was….

Uncanny how our minds meld and play in synch, and I wasn’t supposed to be like this. I wasn’t supposed to fall so hard.


So many years after the wedding the god completed a wish. Our premature daughter was born just before a couple of days. She was admitted to the hospital. Today, it’s is Wednesday and she came home after such a long time. After her feet stepped into our house and lives, she filled our lives with joy and happiness. When the neighbors, relatives and our friends came to know about this news our house was filled with lot of people. At that instant only I took up my daughter in my lap, I rushed to the first floor of our house because she wants to meet her mother. I always call my daughter as a fairy. I along with other family members and with my wife was too much involved in rushing to and froth from house to the hospital.in between this I almost forgot even about my mother. I had too much eagerness in my heart to meet my mother and was too excited. So, I was blessed by my mother for introducing such a fairy in my home. I thank her a lot.

The sky was full of stars, it was like an umbrella is covering us but in between those stars I couldn’t recognize my mom and had no clue about the whereabouts of my mom. After gazing the sky my heart melted and my eyes were full of tears. I had an imaginary picture of my mom in my mind which was full of sacrifice and motherly care. Why was she upset with me? I was too much involved in the current scenario of my daughter’s birth that I couldn’t pay attention to my mom. Now there is no worth of wasting these tears. I was angry on me dur to my careless nature and my bad habits. Was I not able to give only five minutes to my mother? Was I that selfish?

The smiling face of moon, the twinkling stars and the beautiful sky was not enough to convince me. My heart was pounding a lot and was suffering to meet my mom. Mom, where are you! I have come here to introduce you with my fairy please meet her and give her blessings. I was standing on the terrace and was yelling to ask you; “Will you meet her?”

Please assume this as my lesson which I learnt from my mistake, when the little, cute and pink hands touched me. The fairy touched me and by merely a single touch I could feel the innocent love that was in between two of us. I felt that love. I hugged my toddler with lot of love. After this there was a flashback of golden days that I spent together with you and my dad.

The fairy’s giggles made me travel from the past into the present, I wrapped the stars blanket on me. I know that I was wrapping a blanket of mom’s love. I was kept searching for my mother’s star in the homogeneous blanket of stars. It was very difficult for me. I was not able to see it.

I still remember that my home was craving to listen the giggling and laughter of the little kids. I was hearing the echo of them. At that time only my mom told me the story of the frog and the princess that how a love can turn the frog into a prince. This is the power of love. A couple of days after the story my mom died, and after seven months I saw the birth of a fairy.

Now, I have come here to make my fairy meet you. But now I am unable to find the star. Your star. I was annoyed my myself. Suddenly, the little pink hands touched me again. I peep into her eyes and was saw the reflection of you in her eyes and the smile on her lips. As they were saying me, “hey! Why are you searching me in stars? I’m here in your lap” every inch of my body was filled with excitement.

Suddenly, the voice from the fairy’s maternal relatives came, “Hey, Jatin where are you?” I rushed downstairs and in the midway the same voice came asking me where is Veronica? My relatives used to call my mom veronica and know her by this name. I yelled again, “in my lap!” the whole terrace was filled with giggles of fairy.