Once upon a time there was a 19 y/o girl named Shanaya was walking down the street upset with her life . Recently her father had passed away due to which she was broken inside. There was no one in his house except his father. At the age of four, his mother had also left this world due to cancer. After her mother, the girl was looked after by her father, But today when her father had also left her at this early age, she could not see any reason to move ahead in her life. She decided to destroy herself also, so she went to the uphills near her hometown. When she was moving ahead at the path of death she saw a puppy lying on the footpath waiting for her mother to come as she had gone to find something to eat for them, but a lady came near Shanaya when she was continuously watching that puppy and told her that recently the puppy lost her mother but still he thinks that her mother will definitely come to feed him. Seeing that puppy’s faith in her thoughts, Shanaya felt like crying. Seeing her reaction, she felt ashamed of what she was going to do to herself. She started to understand that coming and going is the law of nature, the one who has come will definitely leave someday, Only a coward can destroy its life without knowing his potential. But now she has decided to start a new beginning of her life and become the best version of herself she became aware that many ups and downs will come and go and that’s the name of life. So, she Immediately take the puppy with her and started living along with him happily.

Moral: Rather you live your life happily or destroy it with grief the choice is yours.


  1. Vaishnavi N

    First of all I would like to say that I really liked the moral “Rather you live your life happily or destroy it with grief the choice is yours” and that’s right it is all about living your life happily by forgiving yourself and to love yourself because you only live once and you have got to live your life to the fullest. There are times when you have to accept things and move on because you will meet so many people in your life though your loved ones are not with you. There will be at least one person in your life who am sure will care for you and love you for who you actually are. This story can be motivational for those who think that life is meaningless if you start loosing everything in your life though there can be many positive things coming your way. Life can be confusing, beautiful and hard to accept sometimes but trust me in the end it’s all worth it.