“Aren’t you happy now?” Cried the girl in a dark corner with a small lamp showering a bit of light on her face.  “What are you talking about, and who are you?” Asked the 55 year old woman, who was drenched with blood, looking at the girl with fear. 

The girl makes an eye contact with the woman silently and within few seconds, she said “I didn’t realise it until I was a grown up. I thought it was okay for a grown up  man to touch a small girl like that, undress her in the locked room at her own house, do and make her do things that she wasn’t even aware of”.  Girl pauses, the woman still has a confused look on her face. 

The Girl continued with a shivering body as if sadness has passed through her body, “I was a little girl playing alone in a room and He came and pulled me closer, talked to me inappropriately as he thought it was appropriate and he made me sit on his lap.” 

 The Old woman kind of got an idea that the girl was traumatized. 

“I was confused more than disheartened at the point, later I just forgot the incident like its forever gone from my mind but little did I know, one day I will remember it all and slit my own hand in the trauma of the incident reappearing in my dreams haunting me everytime I slept or tried to sleep and I not being able to do anything about it”, says the girl. 

The woman had questions, alot of them. The girl wasn’t a human. She was something else, the woman knew but now she wasn’t scared of the girl instead she sympathized and could relate to her. The Woman proceeds to ask “Who was it?” 

The girl answers in a loud voice  “The man lying next to you, the man who abused you from the time you married him, the man who raped me an hid it from you, the man who I called Dad and the man I KILLED NOW.” 

The Woman looks at her daughter shockingly. The Girl “Yes Maa, I killed myself because of your husband.  I killed him, took both of our revenges. So tell me maa, Aren’t you happy now?

The woman cries in deep pain.