It was a cold, winter day.the chilly wind was blowing. The temperature was around 15-degree celsius. The cloud in the sky had covered the sun completely. Every person was shivering after stepping out from the home. Two girls in warm winter clothes went out from school and headed to a nearby cafe. They wanted to have a hot cappuccino so that it could give them some escape from this freezing winter. The freezing wind seemed to whip their faces. They walked quickly and sat down at a table without saying a word.

The sky was becoming increasingly black.the sky gradually was covered with the black clouds which were roaring. The lightning was getting huge just after the another. The Thunder at any instant could be a signal of approaching rainstorm. The wind was blowing at such a great speed that it made some branches of the strongest tree in the town fell. The low-pressure zone was created which could soon turn a rainstorm into a cyclone and a hailstorm.

It started raining, and it became heavier with every passing minute. After the rainstorm, it Sleeted and hailed. There were lightning and thunder and it seemed as if the sky would fall down on their heads.

As the wind blew stronger and stronger, it destroyed everything it found in its way. This was no simple winter storm. It was the beginning of a dreadful twister!

The twister made away with everything it encountered: houses, cars, buildings, animals, human beings. The twister was getting more powerful than before with the every passing second. It damaged the trees, electric poles, vehicles, houses that were coming in its way. It was a mobile destructor. The farther it went, the bigger it grew. Every country it went across was razed to the ground. It went round the world, but it had still a strength for more destruction. It took off and wandered into the Milky Way, forever and ever. But the human race had been wiped out.

Billions of years later, plants, animals, and human beings appeared on Earth. Everything was as it used to be once again. Life again prevailed on the Earth. It was getting covered by little beautiful animals and birds. The plant covered the Earth and there was magnificent lush greenery. The water was so pure that you could see the water- animals like fishes, jellyfishes, crabs and others swimming or walking in it. The oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds again came to life. the flowers were blossoming. The Earth has fulfilled again.

Years later, a group of scientists investigating the origin of our planet and its sudden destruction. came to the conclusion that THE FINAL TWISTER, as it was called now, had been created by pollution: toxic substances that had produced an ecological imbalance which had affected the atmosphere and had provoked that well-known catastrophe which wiped out the human race.the twister not only wiped the toxic substances that were accumulating on the Earth but also wiped out the creators of that toxic substances.

Can we change our destiny?

Will that be OUR destiny ??