Man is jealous. Man is never satisfied. Man only complains. Why strive to become something you aren’t when you haven’t even tested your true potential to be what you actually are capable of. Sometimes your fortune is just around the corner but even people with eyes are blind enough not to see it.


There was once a farmer who owned a large piece of land but was not quite satisfied with its soil fertility. He wanted to grow cash crops on it which would fetch him more money but couldn’t do so owing to the bad soil texture. One day a rich and healthy looking man knocked on the farmer’s door and presented him with an offer. He said that I have come from a big oil exploration company and we wish to dig in a part of your land. If you let us do so by giving us an adequate area, we will give you 10% amount earned on each barrel as royalty. The farmer agreed instantly but had little hopes as he knew his land was a waste barren piece of mud to him. The company tankers and drillers came and the work started in full force. They must have gone only 40 to 50 feet down when all of a sudden, thick oil started gushing out from the ground and in no time, his field was filled with its lusty smell. The farmer became a millionaire in one night’s time. A true case of From Rags To Riches. The land which he spat upon and cursed was the one that changed his life for the best.

“So tell me Rishika, had the farmer become rich that very night or was he rich since the beginning?” asked her mother in a low tone.

Rishika remained silent and nodded her head as if she understood what her mother actually meant to tell her.

“So what if your friend gets more marks than you? So what if you fail a test? So what if you don’t shine this one time. There is always a second chance in which you emerge out to be bigger and better. You, my girl are a very bright child and I know you will make your momma proud. You too have talent hidden inside you which you would sooner or later become aware of. But till then, you have to work and you have to work hard, because nothing in life comes easy. Not even your favourite Blackcurrant almond ice cream!” said her mom consoling.

Rishika chuckled and hugged her mother for not losing faith in her child who had just failed her first engineering exam in college and did not know what she was doing with her future. Little did her mother know that underneath those spectacles was a girl wanting to be a car racer racing on platforms rather than designing them.

Many a times, we are forced into opting for courses or doing degrees that our parents tell us to. So what if you want to become a writer or a painter or a fashion photographer? I’m damn sure that wouldn’t cause much embarrassment to your mother in front of your nosy Richa Aunty. Pursue your dreams and fulfil your goals. It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes.