Once there lived a king named Devashakti. He remained very disappointed due to his son because he was very weak and thin. Day by day he became weaker and thinner. The king called all the well known physicians from far off places but they could not cure the king’s son as there was a snake inside his stomach. The physicians tried all types of treatments but they could not succeed.

The prince was also frustrated by himself and his father’s sadness due to his illness. He fed up totally to his life. So he decided to go away to some other place. One night he got success to run away and he reached to another kingdom. He started living in a temple and ate from whatever alms he collected from the people.

This new kingdom was ruled by a king, who had two beautiful young daughters. They both were raised with the best of learning. Every morning they reached her father’s room and bow at their father’s feet to seek his blessings. One of them said to his father, “My dear father, we got all the joy of the world due to your blessing.” And the other daughter said, “O king, one can only get the things which are destined for one’s actions.”

The king was happy with one of his daughter but the comment of the second daughter made him angry day by day. One day he got so angry that he ordered his ministers, “Take her away and marry her with anybody you meet outside the palace. Let her enjoy the fruits that are destined for her actions.”

The ministers followed the king order and they took out the princess outside the palace, but they did not find anybody outside the palace. When they reached the temple they saw the young prince living in the temple. They reached him and then they both were married.

The princess was a religious girl, and she regarded his husband as her God. She was very happy with her marriage. They both decided to travel to a different place of the country, as it is not suitable for them to make the temple as their home.

On their way, the prince became very tired and wanted to take some rest under a tree. As he was getting weaker and weaker every day, he could not walk long distances. While the prince rest under the tree the princess decided to buy some food from the nearby market. So she left to the market, and when she returned, she saw a snake coming out from a nearby hole and her husband still sleeping. As she reached near her husband to alert him, she saw another snake coming from her husband’s mouth. She hid herself to keep a watch on them.

The snake from the hole said to the other snake, “Why are you hurting this young prince? You risk your own life too. If the prince drinks soup of cumin seeds and mustard, you would die for definitely!" 



Then the other snake from the prince’s mouth replied, “Why do you guard two pots of gold which you do not have any need of? You risk your life, too. If someone pours hot water and oil on the hole, you would die definitely!” They both started a heated argument in this way. After few moments they both went inside their respective places, but the princess had already heard all the discussions and she known their secrets. 

She then act accordingly and gave her husband a soup of cumin seeds and mustard and the snake present inside his stomach died. Within few hours, the young prince began to recover and regained much strength. After that, they poured hot water and oil on the hole of the snake and then another snake was also died. They dug out the two pots of gold that the snake was guarding. 

After few days the young princess recovered very much and they also have two pots full of gold. They lived happily ever after.

The wise indeed say:

When your enemies quarrel, you are the winner.