Once there lived two fishes named, Sahasrabuddhi and Satabuddhi in a big pond. They both had their common friend, a frog named Ekabuddhi. They were close friends and loved each other company very much. They spent their time together on the bank of the pond. They shared many stories most of the time.

One day when they were at the bank of the pond and played together, they saw a few fishermen approaching there. They had nets and big baskets with them, which had a number of fishes that had caught few moments ago.

While they approached the ponds, they noticed that the pond was full of big fishes. They became very happy on seeing this and one of them said to the others, “Dears, we will come here tomorrow, as we have a number of fishes at this time and it’s all the evening time. This pond is not very deep and is full of fishes. We have never caught fishes from this pond, so we catch fishes from here tomorrow.”They all agreed to came the pond the next morning, and then they went away to their home.

On hearing so the frog depressed very much and said, “O My Friends, these fishermen surely come to the very morning, so we have to decide what to do now, whether to run away or hide.” But the fishes did not care much about all this and one of them said, “O dear Frog, It is just a talk of few fishermen. Don’t worry about this, they will not return. And even if they come here, I know a number of tricky water movements, by which I save myself and my family easily. So you don’t worry at all.”

The second fish agreed with the first one and said, “Dear, I am as capable in tricky water movements as you. I will be able to save myself and my family too. I support you for not leave our ancestor’s homes for just some talks of few passing fishermen. We have to face them with all might.”

As the frog heard this, he did not agree with them and said, “My Dear Friends, I am not agree with you and I know just one thing that I can forecast danger. You may stay here, but I cannot see my family in any danger, so I will leave this pond with my family to some other pond before morning.”

As the frog finished his point, he went away with his family but the fishes did not care all about. The very morning, the fishermen came there and cast their nets all over the pond. As their nets were very big, they caught many fishes, frogs, crabs and tortoises in the very first attempt.

Sahasrabuddhi and Satabuddhi tried many tricks to run away but none of their tricks worked. At last they both were caught and when the fishermen dragged their nets on the bank of the pond they were already dead.


As they both were largest fishes among all the fishes the fishermen caught, they were very happy and carried Sahasrabuddhi and Satabuddhi separately when they returned to their homewards.

On the other hand the frog, Ekabuddhi, had already found another well for shelter. But he was worried about their friends so he reached the surfaces of the pond. When he reached he saw the fishermen returning with his friends with their nets full of water creatures. He became very sad.

He told his wife, “They both were very talented but they lacked the only talent that was most important at this time and at last were caught. And I may have only one talent, but I got success to protect my family from them.”

The wise indeed say:

At the first hint of danger, act quickly to save yourself.