Why is it that we still opt to do something which is against our morals and ethics? Why is it that we do not even listen to our hearts and conscience when we know we may fall into whole lot of trouble for it? Why do we fall to our knees in such desperation?


The sun was blazing and Advika was coming back home in a sweaty white shirt after yet another disappointing interview. Tomorrow was her last one of the lot. She had to make it big. She had to make it count.

“Congratulations Ms. Advika, you canstart working your shift from tomorrow morning” said the grocery store manager while shaking her hand. Advika was elated at the joy of being on the receiving end of a job that paid her Rs 20,000 a month and went along with her 9 to 2 timings. She would work while the children would be in school and would be beside them when they reached their small room which they called their home. The space that they lived in was tiny, but the hearts of the people that occupied that area were rather very big.

“Where can I find MTR Rawa Idli Mix?” enquired the middle aged housewife who had come to the shop with her toddler sitting in the trolley.

“This way ma’am, please follow me.” Advika was enjoying her work. The people in the locality where the store was were indeed very warm and polite. All her colleagues helped her in her initial days. Stacking biscuits and assorting chocolate boxes became a routine.

First time ever in her life did she receive a crisp white cheque issued in her name. Feeling of contentment knew no bounds. There were a lot many expenses but so little money. She paid the partly due rent and cleared her kids’ school fee dues. She decided to bring her children to her work place and reward them with a treat each of their choice. The children were very happy to be actually able to buy something and not just eye it, wish they had it and move on. Ananya took various colourful bubble gums and chewing gums which were well within her budget but what Tushar took did not quite satisfy it. He took the costliest chocolate balls, Ferraro Rochers, not quite knowing the fact of course but because he was attracted to their lustrous appeal and gorgeous packing. How could she take home with her these things with a mere 100 rupees note?

While walking back home, Ananya unwrapped one of her Boomer bubble gums and slid it into her mouth enjoying its juicy taste. Tushar decided to save his Snickers which he had settled for after a little cribbing for desert after dinner.

Although he had soon forgotten about those nutty golden wrapped chocolates, the melancholy of not being able to fulfill a child’s miniature wish still haunted and shamed the mother.

The next day at work, she couldn’t help but think about what happened yesterday. For a mother nothing is more important than the smile on her child’s face. The innocence and the gleam in their eyes are always priceless. No doubt a mother fell prey to temptation and had to bow down in front of un rightful desires. Advika quietly sneaked into the stock room in the corner of the hallway and swiftly dumped a Ferraro Rocher chocolate box into her carry bag.

Who knew that the next day she’d come to work would be the last she saw of that place. As soon as she entered the store from the backside gate, the sweeper bhaiya said, “Didi ji the boss is calling you in his room. Police is waiting for you.”