Sometimes when we make a decision, we forget that it isn’t only us but people along, who get affected even more.

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The papers were ready, all formalities done, each of their signatures clearly visible. Anant’s words still echoed in her mind, “I’m sorry Advika, but this is me. I had to marry you otherwise my family would have to face immense societal shame only because of me. I am sorry for destroying your life but the truth is that I have no interest in you or any other woman.”

Advika wasn’t worried about herself. It was the kids that tensed her. How on earth could she tell her kids that their father was gay? They were still very small to even understand the meaning of it. She knew that her kids would definitely demand a believable explanation once they got to know about their separation. She was ready for it. She was ready to face her kids and help them jump to the next leg of maturity and understanding.

As alimony, Anant paid a certain sum of money to Advika which wasn’t proving to be enough for the three of them. He then cut all ties with not only her but also his children and moved to a corner which she wasn’t very keen to explore. Ananya and Tushar not only coped up well with this divorce, but also pledged to take care of their mother. We wonder what help could a 14 year old girl and a 10 year old boy be of!

The duo which would be pacing around the whole house creating tantrums and throwing things here and there for their mother to take care of, now sat in silence counting the coins in their piggy banks. Ananya knew that their mother would never ask them to cut their expenses even if she had no dinner to eat. The money that their mother gave them for bearing their petty expenses landed up in their little wooden pieces. Rickshaw rides became walking strolls. Lunch in the school canteen had them sitting in the playground under the sun. Crunchy snacks and sweet treats were no more craved. Window shopping became a routine. Forget football shoes and party dresses, they did not even demand fragranced smiley erasers. Angels of god learned to kill their temptations and desires.

She was tired of begging the landlord to extend the pay dates. She was all beaten by the wanting looks in her children’s eyes.  She didn’t want her children to compromise any more. She didn’t want them to miss school picnics and field trips. She didn’t want to buy her kids burger and fries from cheap food trucks but instead wanted to take them to fancy restaurants. She didn’t want them to miss having their father. Instead, she would prove to be one herself. Advika didn’t possess any management or engineering degree but she did have the will to work. And to succeed in accomplishing or doing something, that alone is enough. Just like all those splendid fairytales, will this story also hold a happy ending for them?