The day was gloomy. Thomas, after waking up at 5 in the morning, was wondering if he should get ready for the job interview or just sleep again. With his joints aching, the twenty-seven year old struggles to get out of bed. He doesn’t feel like showering so he brushes his teeth, combs his hair, and looks in the mirror. He feels like everything behind him is blurry and floating. “Maybe I have to splash some water in my eyes again”, he says as right before he does, he sees a shadow approaching at the edge of the mirror before he bends. Confused as he looks back, there was a hanger moving due to the wind with his raincoat on. He splashes some cold water in his eyes again and wipes his face as he gets dressed and leaves his home after locking it with the keys in his shirt pocket. Now he has to catch a bus, as by 7 he has his thirteenth job interview. He sees the poster of Joker and stands there zoning out for a while. As he hears the honking of a car he starts walking. He misses the bus as he chased it for half a mile and stumbled. A car swished right in front of him as he was down, splashing mud over his face. He gets up as he hears some child laughter from the back, and pulls out his handkerchief and wipes the mud off. He waits at the bus stop for another bus. After 40 mins he finally gets on the bus with his muddy boots and wet umbrella. He gets off the bus by 7:20 and rushes inside the office and sees the waiting line for the interview. He sits and waits as he keeps blinking his eyes every time he feels blurry. He goes to the washroom to wash his eyes again as he steps on a cockroach right after opening the door. He washes his face and looks in the mirror. In the broken mirror, he again sees a shadow approaching. Terrified he turns back and there’s a bulky man locking the door as he gets in. Thomas instantly prepares himself as he punches the glass and holds a broken piece aiming at that man. He barges out with bloody hands and sees a lot of faces, one with a gun in his belt. He murmurs something to himself and stabs the security guard in the neck as he grabs his collar and pushes him aside. He pulls out the gun from his belt and aims at all the scared strange faces. After shooting a few shots he runs back inside the washroom and locks it from inside. He looks in the mirror yet again with flickering lights and his sweaty face with stains of blood with some mud on his raincoat. He feels guilty as he shivers in shock with a racing heartbeat while hearing the siren’s sounds getting louder. He decides to end it all and aims the gun to his forehead. He pulls the trigger. After the shot is fired, he opens his eyes in his room with the raincoat in the hanger fell over him. He gets up and looks at his revolver as he closes the drawer. He reminisces the time he had an episode as tried to commit suicide. As he sees the bottle with no meds, he looks at himself in the mirror. He takes out the revolver and puts it to his head and shoots. Today was his lucky day yet again as that one bullet now has to wait for another morning to get through.