They say, “It is absolutely necessary to have a clear cut distinction between the truth and the illusion.” And in my opinion this is the ultimate truth of life. Meera, a 22 year old girl was leaving all by herself in New Delhi. For those who don’t know Delhi has been famous for all the wrong reasons like rapes, murders, riots etc for quite some time now. Undoubtedly, Meera loved her solidarity and her personal space but ofcourse hearing the crime news everyday caused her enormous distress. 

On one random sunny afternoon of june, Meera was sitting all by herself in her pyajamas and watching her favourite epic Ramayana. She was a huge fan of Indian mythology ever since her Dadi used to tell her stories about Mahabharata and Ramayana. That day’s episode was the one in which Mata Sita would get abducted by the horrendous demon Ravan. Meera always thought about Lakshman’s request to Mata Sita to not cross the ‘Lakshman rekha’ and what was reason behind Mata to actually cross it. She was engrossed in the world of Panchvati via her television. Then came in Ravan, disguises as a poor saint begging innicently for food: “Vikshyam dehi, Vikshyam dehi”, he began to shout outside the cottage. Mata Sita came out through the door to adress him and conveyed him that it would be impossible for her to cross the Lakshman rekha. But Ravan tricked her to come out anyway. He regained his real appearance and abducted Sita. She was helpless. “Bachao Bachao” was all she could shout. She was helpless. All she could think about was her dear beloved husband Ram. Her tears were incessantly falling down her cheeks. 

Meera had drowned into the petrifying scenes when the door bell rang. It was not everyday taht in a gloomy summer afternoon she got a door knock. Yes, she was scared. She gathered all her courage and attended the door. When she opened the door she saw a thin and tall begger with tattered clothes and a dirty cloth bag on his shoulder. For some reason, she found the stare of the man really creepy. She asked him what did he want. He replied that he just wanted some food and a glass of water because he was starving for almost 3 days. Mata Sita’s “Bachao bachao” still screamed in her ears. She apprehended the begger to have the same ill intensions like Ravan. And in no time she decided to call the cops and get the man arrested. Police officers came in and arrested the man on the grounds of malicious intension. Meera told them her entire narrative and of couse it was visually evident that she was terrified.  But the poor man was continously stammering to the polce that he was innocent, that he couldn’t even hurt a fly, let alone a lady. But apparently the Indian laws seem to favour the women community more. 

A few days passed, and out of inquisition, Meera thought about enquiring about the begger. When she called at the police station, she found out that the man was actually innocent and had no past records of any sort of crime. Then it came as a huge shock that the man actually does in jail itself because he really he had starved more than 7 days. She had completely broken down. She felt like she was the sole reason for his death, which was partially true. 

That day Meera had let her intrusive thoughts win, without considering her rational thinking. And because of her a person had died. She had mixed up mythology with reality. Her imagiantion got better of her. Shrimad Bhagwat Gita directs everybody to stay away from ‘Maya’. Unfortunately, Meera failed to do so and beacuse of that someone innocent suffered a great deal.