Once upon a time there was a boy whose name was Sanju. He lived in a small village . He lives in a small house with his father, mother, and his younger brother. His family was not rich. His father was a farmer and his mother helps his father. Sanju is 12 years old and his brother Raju was 8 years old. They both go to school and on weekends help their parents in the farm. There school was outside the village as for two three village there was a single school. It takes 45 minutes to reach school by road. So, they use to go via passing jungle to save their time as it just takes half of the time as compared to the time taken when they go via road. 

One day when they were returning from the school from the same route. There was a dog in the jungle, and Raju was afraid of dogs. The moment when they were passing the dog, the dog started barking on them. Sanju did not react much but Raju got scared and ran inside the jungle and dog followed him for some distance which made him more scared. Sanju tried to stop him but he ran inside the jungle, he followed him inside the jungle. Raju was hiding behind a tree, and after seeing his brother he went to him and hugged him full of fear. Sanju calmed him and they both went ahead for home but they forgot the route so they decided to move ahead in the same direction to find someone.

 After walking for some distance, they found a hut. Sanju went ahead to ask some help, he knocked the door but there was no one inside. So, they went inside, it was an abandoned hut with webs everywhere. They saw a big pot which was half below the land. Sanju said, someone tried to hide this pot below the ground. Maybe because of continuous rain from past 2 weeks it came out. It might have something precious. So, they decided to open that pot. After opening the pot, they both were completely shocked as the pot was filled with gold and diamonds. They both became very happy and decided to take everything with them. It was a jackpot for them. Sanju said, it will solve our problems. Now we can lead a good life. They took everything in their bags and came out of the hut and decided to move in the same direction to find the correct route.

 After walking for a mile, they found the correct route and were very happy and excited to show the jackpot to their parents. They reached home and told everything to their parents. Their parents firstly wont believe but after seeing their bags they believed. Their mom and dad became happy that now they do not need to work that hard now and can lead a good life. After that with the help of that jackpot they started their business and lead a good and luxurious life.