It is a very sunny day and Sam is doing his Holiday homework. It was his drawing homework and he had no idea what he should draw.

Sam ran to his mother, and asked her, ” Mommy what should I draw for the homework? “

After putting her hair up in a bun and getting ready, she replied, “Mrs Molly said that you can do anything you want. You can draw a sunny day where you have gone out with me to have ice cream.”

Sam got excited about it and started begging, ” Mommy, can you please bring ice cream for me.” His mother reluctantly promised him that she will bring ice cream only if he promises to complete all his holiday homework by today.

Sam became very happy and quickly ran to his desk and started drawing. Sam’s mother, Mrs Sunita, smiled at his child’s immaturity and went out grocery shopping.

It was very hot outside, Sam was constantly sweating so he became angry and went out to his balcony and stared at Sun angrily and it seemed like the Sun was also staring at him angrily.

He went inside and wondered if Superman was real then he would ask him to push the Sun far away and save the world as that is what Superman does, right?

So he started drawing again and this time he drew a Superman who is pushing away the Sun.

Suddenly, the fire alarms of the apartment are going off as the apartment has caught on fire but Sam knew nothing about fire alarms so he ignored them.

He kept on drawing because he made a promise to his mother and promises are always meant to be kept. Suddenly, Sam felt very hot and his skin was skin burning.

People started screaming so he went out on the balcony and saw that there is fire and smoke all around him. Even in his dining room kitchen, everything is burning.

He heard his mother screaming and crying his name out, “Sam, my son! Please someone save my son he is on the balcony.”

Sam saw that his mother was being restrained by five other people as she wants to dive into the fire and save his son. Sam was scared, he did not know what to do he saw that the fire is swallowing everything that is coming his way.

Sam saw the fire is going to eat his drawing too so he quickly took it in his hand and rushed to the balcony. The flames are turning into monsters.

He prayed to God to send Superman to save him. The smoke is making him nauseous the fire is coming close. Sam is crying for his life. Then all of a sudden he could not breathe properly everything is fading, but he saw something fly inside through the window of his study table.

A blue man and a red cloak. It is Superman! Sam tried to scream but failed because his throat is too dry then everything blacked out.

After a few hours…

Sam woke up and saw his mother’s crying face. He was confused by seeing so many people around him. Mrs Sunita said in between her sobs, ” My child… are you okay…. did… you burn yourself? “

Then Sam remembered everything. The fire alarms going off, people shouting, his mother crying for him, fire swallowing everything, his drawing and Superman? Where is Superman? He was sure that Superman saved him.

Sam asked his mother, “Mom, where did Superman go? I have to thank him he saved my life.” His mother replied, “What rubbish! You were lying in the backyard, you have run out of the apartment and saved your life on your own.”

Sam said, ” No Mom I did see Superman coming in through the window and saving me.” His mother ignored him and allowed the paramedics to check Sam for injury.

Sam was so confused because he is so sure that he saw Superman. He asked his mother, “Where is my drawing, Mom?” His mother replied, “It might have burned in the fire.”

Sam was sad because he knew that he saw Superman but no one believed him and his drawing also got burnt.

He looked up in the sky, the Sun has gone down by now. But wait what is that it in the attic? It’s the same man in a blue dress and a red cloak. The same man whom he saw before fainting.

It’s Superman! His saviour. He screamed, “Mom Mom see there he is. My Superman.” Mrs. Sunita looked up and saw nothing, so she said, ” You are dreaming my child, there is no one. But Sam can still see him. Others also could not see anything up there.

No one believed Sam he became sad and saw that Superman is smiling at him and showing him something.

And that was the drawing where Superman was saving the world and Sam was happy because Superman did save his life.


  1. Sayan Sarkar

    Dream of every kid to get saved by their favourite superhero for atleast once in their lifetime❤️. Thanks for such a well decorated acknowledgement of every kid’s dream❤️. Congratulations for you first sole publish❤️👏. Hope to see more such intriguing short stories from you in future.👏