The story revolves around the girl who is broken but finds a hand to hold on to and breathe fresh life, but the abrupt end may stun you all.


The way he holds me, when I’m in my bad temper is something that melts me down. Well, I feel only he can handle my personality because he is the one that recreates me every moment. I still remember the first time we met, I was dazed and heart broke soul who had nowhere to go. He embraced me warmly and gave me another reason to breathe and become lively once again. 

His smile had the magic that made me go crazy, my blush would never be that dark shade of red ever again I guess. Well am I exaggerating? But this is the effect that his presence has on me. Wait, this was ethically wrong, I’m married than how can I even think about some other man. But that someone who calls himself my husband, he cheated on me that night. And it was the same night that Rishi came into my life. He gathered my shattered soul made me grow on him, and gave me space to breathe and open a new world. Now there was no place for someone who left me for some other person. He made me realise that I shouldn’t be guilty now, as I wasn’t guilty then.

He gave me a new motto in my life, he created and rebuilt my personality. He had instantiated in me a new confidence and now I knew there was no stopping me.

Rishi is always alone when he comes to meet me, I want to know more about him. But he never shares anything at all, but I’m the one who touches his soul every day. I know his habits very well, he loves his coffee. No matter what the time is he still has coffee, less sugary and bitterer…dark… I don’t know that he even notices how much I love him, but I won’t ever expect him to reciprocate to my feelings. His dusky complexion and that slightly bearded face, those strong jawlines. Those glasses on his face makes him look the most intellectual being and the most handsome face. He always wears that thoughtful look whenever I’m around, maybe he feels I’m more complicated or he is complicating me even more. But this was his choice to be with me…to help me. I didn’t came begging to him, he asked me if he has any place in my life. Now I couldn’t say a straight no to such a handsome face and a kind heart, especially when I needed a hand to hold on to this life.

Well, Rishi is a writer after all and I’m just another character of his book. This journey of my heart broken…one sided love will end after 322 pages novel is complete. He might never come into my life again, but his string will always be attached as my soul bearer. When any reader would try to invade in my life, I would simply let that person in. I will let him know how kind Rishi is and how he gave me a new start when I thought the end was near.

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