Raja Vikram lived in a lovely land with lush hills. The king’s greed was as famous as his splendor and fortune. Raja Vikram always craved power and wealth. He desired more riches and gems in his treasure chamber. He taxed his people heavily, making life difficult. While the monarch lived well, the people fought to survive under his authority. Maharishi Vishnu, a wise instructor, visited the residence. He intended to educate the selfish monarch about money. The monarch reluctantly consented to see the wise man.

Maharishi Vishnu entered the beautiful apartment to find the king surrounded by money and jewelry. The wise man disregarded the king’s riches and talked to him quietly but strongly. “Oh, mighty king, I have come to teach you a lesson that could change your life and the future of your kingdom,” he continued. Raja Vikram, curious, approached and said, “What lesson do you bring, Maharishi?” 

The wise man said, “Your Highness, true wealth doesn’t come from getting more things, but from making sure your people are healthy and happy.” A great king serves his people gladly. The monarch was astonished by these statements, but he let the instructor speak. Maharishi Vishnu read from an antique book. He described a smart and caring monarch who prioritized his people’s well-being. His dominion expanded and his people were pleased. Raja Vikram felt horrible about his previous actions as the wise guy said. He realized his path was incorrect and changed. After that, the selfish monarch became nice. He reduced taxes and improved people’s lives. He improved the kingdom by building schools, hospitals, and more. People rejoiced as the weight was removed and money returned.

The world heard the monarch had changed. Raja Vikram’s wisdom and kindness astonished other nations. The monarch gave them government management advice when they requested. This maintained regional peace. Raja Vikram’s reign was peaceful, prosperous, and happy. His transformation replaced his greed.