Once upon a time, there lived a king in the Kingdom of Lumina. His name was Charlie, and he was a wise and brave ruler. Not only was he respected for his intelligence, but his kindness and empathy made him beloved by the people of Lumina. King Charlie had two sons, Henry and Darwin, who shared their father’s fondness for hunting.

From a young age, the king would take his sons into the forest, teaching them the art of hunting. However, Queen Romani always worried about their safety. As the boys grew older, their passion for hunting only intensified. Henry, the eldest at 19, was tall, blonde, and known for his arrogance. Darwin, the younger brother at 18, had dark blonde hair and was known for his humility.

King Charlie, however, could no longer accompany his sons due to a severe eye disease that had impaired his vision. He had lost half his eyesight and could no longer venture into the forest with them. Nevertheless, the army and ministers were assigned to protect the young princes, ensuring the continuation of the royal bloodline.

King Charlie had always cautioned his sons against riding in the western direction of the coast, but he never revealed the reason behind his warning. While Darwin understood the importance of his father’s words, Henry would often disregard them, displaying his characteristic arrogance.

One fateful day, the two brothers set out to the forest, accompanied by their army escorts. As they reached the coast, Henry’s curiosity led him to venture westward, against the advice of his army and Darwin. Meanwhile, Darwin chose the safer path, heading east.

The army remained stationed at the coast as Darwin delved deeper into the forest, searching for a significant prey. Henry, on the other hand, continued his journey to the west. After hours of exploration, he stumbled upon a magnificent golden door that marked the entrance to a dazzling castle called Fairyland. Intrigued and filled with excitement, Henry disregarded any caution and entered the castle.

Inside, the fairies greeted him with warmth and hospitality, attending to his every need. They pampered him, from grooming his hair to providing him with delicious meals. Henry relished his time in Fairyland, blissfully unaware of the true nature of the fairies.

However, on the third night, as he dozed off on a couch, a fairy named Luna woke him up. Tearfully, she confided in him, revealing the dark secret of Fairyland. The fairies planned to feast upon him as part of a ritual, and Luna, opposing their actions, warned him to escape.

Terrified and disturbed by this revelation, Henry made up his mind to flee that very night. Luna instructed him to escape using the back door on horseback. But the fairies, with their ability to fly, quickly noticed his departure and began pursuing him.

Thankfully, Luna had shared a secret with Henry. Fairies had an insatiable obsession with all things shiny and glittery, especially gold. Henry, quick-thinking, carried a few golden utensils and dropped them along his path whenever the fairies neared. The distraction caused by their desire for the shiny objects allowed Henry to reach the coast, where his army awaited him after three long days.

The fairies, engrossed in their newfound treasures, retreated to their castle, maintaining the secrecy of their hidden rituals. Henry, filled with remorse for not heeding his father’s warnings, reunited with his family, expressing his sincerest apologies and promising never to disobey again. The entire family was grateful for their safety and cherished being reunited once more.

The tale served as a valuable lesson to Henry, teaching him the importance of listening and respecting his father’s wisdom.