Days was going like nothing. Every day I woke up and thought, how to make my self happy. There was nothing happening good nor bad . Just life was going meaning less.  I always thought why I am surviving in my life. Is there anything meaningful in my life. Lots of family problems and issues, I just broking and doing my activities . Time was running and my little kid was growing. 

One day there was the time when my little child started to going play school.  On the first day I was waiting for my child. There was so many ladies standing like me for there babies. The play school was only for 2 hours and home was not near. So I decided that everyday I will wait till the last bell. Suddenly I show a lady coming near me. As I am not so talkative that’s why I could not started the conversation first.  I was thinking about, is there any ladies like me who can wait for 2 hours like me . When the lady came near me and as common we were talking started. And I came to know that her home is near and there is no sense for waiting 2 hours in outside the school. But there was something happening like friendship in our first meeting. Days after we become a friend and after we meet another lady, she was different from us but something was common, like both there is happening like friendship. As soon as we become a friends, there was another ladies come near us but there was missing that ‘friendship wali feelings’. Some days after I found that there was lots of ladies who was waiting like me.  We three were not enough. Around dozens of friend we made and there was lots of fun and memories we have. Some day after just 5 to 7  friends were remaining with same zeal. But on of theme only 5 left, whose vibes got similar but there was differences also. Many Friends come to near us and gonna busy with there schedule but we few left like the schedule made for us. 

The five finger are different but together. Like We are different but similar.  Life got meaning and learn a lot from them. I was not only suffering only. Here is many more difficult situations around us. There is lots of stories in us.,. 

To be continued….