Once there was a village which was destroyed due to a strong earthquake. All the houses were ruined completely so the villagers decided to left the village to settle at different place. When the villagers went away from the village a number of mice had came there and made the vacant shattered houses as their home. The mice loved to live there as he found such places very comfortable, and after some time a large number of mice came to live there. They lived very comfortably there and time passed away in such a way.

There was lake in the outer area of the village where a large number of animals used to visit regularly. In these animals a group of elephants also used to came the lake regularly to drink water and to take bath. These elephants came from the ruined village to reach the lake regularly. And as the group of elephant passed through the village a large number of mice got injured heavily. This cause a serious problem to the mice. So they all went to their king and explained the problem. The king of mice then decided to talk to the elephants to request them to act accordingly.

On the next day when the group of elephant came, the king of mice reached the elephants and said to them, “My masters, we mice live in this ruined village and when you all travelled through this area everyday it get destroyed many of mice. It is a serious problem for us. Thus I request you to all please understand our problem and change our way to the lake. If you do this, I promise to you all to return the favour in your time of need. I shall help you whenever you need.”

As the elephants listened this they all began to laugh at him. The king of the elephant said, “O small mice, what you can do for us? You are so small there will be no reason to take favour from you. We are the huge elephants and we do not need to take help from you. But I respect your request, so we will change our way to lake from this moment. You need not worry about any problem caused by us anymore.” Then the king of the mice thanked the king of the elephant for their help, and then the elephants went away.

The mice lived happily thereafter, and there is no harm to them after that day. After some days, some hunters trapped the group of elephants. Most of the elephants including their king got trapped into the net set by the elephant- hunters. They tried hard to flew away from the net but all their attempts went into vain. As the net was so strong the other elephant that are not trapped into the net, could not do anything to set free their friends.

Suddenly the king of elephants remembered the promise of the king of the mice. He ordered another elephant, which had not got trapped into the net to reach the king of the mice to remind him his promise and helped them.



As the elephant reached the king of the mice, he narrated the entire story to him. As soon as the king of mice listen this, he suddenly called all the mice and said to them, “Now is the time for us to help our friends and return their favour. We should reach to them immediately.”

And then all the mice reached to the place where all the elephants had been trapped. Within few moments they all started biting the strong net and cut the entire net at last. The elephants came out from the net and were become very happy. Then the king of the elephants expressed his gratitude to the king of mice for their help in time of need. After that day they became good friends forever.

 The wise indeed say:

Never underestimate anybody by their appearances.