This story isn’t about me, it’s about my best friend. It started on a very strange day when she visited my place in the evening. I was surprised to see her and ran to hug her tightly. I noticed the hug was off from her, still I smiled and greeted her inside. She refused to have water at first but accepted it as my Mumma insisted. It was clear that she was seeking space to share something important. She was terrified, shivering, narrating the story in my room and started by highlighting the fact that there was no one at home and was all on her own.

“While waiting for Mumma, I was starving and decided to cook something, was searching for a packet of Maggi as I heard my doorbell ring twice. It was very odd for someone to be at my doorstep, at three in the noon. To my shock, it was none other than Nitesh Bhaiya (my perilous neighbour). He barged in, saying that Mumma had sent him to look after me. I couldn’t believe him but had no choice as there was no way to confirm this.”

“He dubiously roamed the house asking me “What are you up to Jyoti?” I answered hesitantly, “Nothing much, was bout to make something to eat.” “Well, that’s interesting can I help you in any way dear?” he insisted. “No no I’ll do that by myself” I ensured. He said “okay” and made himself comfortable around, while I was boiling water. After a bit, I felt an inappropriate touch, and was horrified to see Nitesh Bhaiya behind me. I pushed him away and screamed “What are you doing?” He started to explain, and I realized Mumma was home. I dashed to her and asked, “Where were you?” I sobbed; he left the very moment.” I was in tears listening to this incident and hugged Jyoti instantly but found myself sweating, shivering, panicking, choking-up and then and…. Then I woke up realizing this was all a dream.

Days later, I was at Jyoti’s, and someone was at her doorstep. She welcomed someone in and smilingly said “Meet Nitesh Bhaiya.”


  1. Bhavya Verma

    “ The Doorbell ” feels like a fictional abstract experienced by the author; jotted down with the utmost wittiness & in a very different but horrific way. The narrative revolves around how the author has depicted a strange incident which befalls her best friend on an odd day of her life. As a keen reader, I witnessed a perfect balance in the narrative, emphasizing on both character’s melancholia respectively. The narrative boldly says “No matter how naive people act, one can never be truly trusted upon.” The story left me in an awestruck and I definitely recommend this amazing draw-out. Wouldn’t be a surprise seeing you fall in love with the narrative & the characters itself.