The day dawns. I get up. Beautiful day. The sun is peeping through the clouds. Nice day to cycle, to sit out and eat. I keep enjoying the scenery when I am snapped out of my dreams by a scream. My mother comes into my room and asks, “Have you forgotten something?”

I answer,” Yes, of course! Like brushing one’s teeth or something? “

“No, something like exams? She asks!

Oh no! Hell! disappear out only to go again. The black by brushing, my changing, my eating. Wow, Hell. Freezer. Over! I do brushing, my changing, my eating in a jiffy. I sit down to study Tomorrow is Maths. I take a pen to work ou sums. It slips off. My hands are clammy feel ere s a crater in my stomach. I start sweating profusely. The palpitation of my heart! It’s the day before the exams-the final exam.

I am getting ready for baptism by fire. I start to study. There is an old question paper (previous year’s paper) in front of me. I start, I try, I can not I forget my name. I am drained of all knowledge. I look down at the sums. Never. This could never happen to me! How could it? I do not know even one sum. I quickly revise everything. I know that whole subject by heart like a computer. The day gets over. I can not sleep.

I get up the next day. Maths exam. My mother screams. I get ready: I catch the bus and am in school, pen and paper in hand, in the examination hall. I get the question paper. I read it, I do not know anything. Why! My friends have already started, I can not cope up. I look at the paper again. It is the History exam!