Blind trust on no one is good.


In the middle of a forest lived a fox. He was considered very clever by all and hence called Panditji. The entire fox community used to send their children to Panditji to learn. This fox pandit was very clever he used to acquire a good deal of food in exchange to the education he provided. In that forest lived other animals too. Among them was a crocodile.

The crocodile lived with his wife and ten children. Every day he saw all the fox children of the forest went to fox pandit to become wise and knowledgeable. The crocodile wanted to send his children to the fox too. When he passed on his wish to his fellow crocodiles they said it was a bad idea as, the fox is very wicked. He is not at all reliable.

However, the crocodile did not pay heed to their words and wanted to educate his children. He could not bear crocodiles being called foolish by other animals. So, one day, he took his all ten children and went to panditji. Panditji agreed to teach them but on one condition. The children would not go home until the completion of their education. The crocodile agreed to leave his children behind. With tears in his eyes he asked the children to be obedient to panditji and told them after one year he will take them home. He also asked permission from the fox to visit them every month.

The fox’s wife was not in favour of him teaching crocodile children. She said they were dangerous. Even if they did not have brains they definitely have teeth. The fox did not listen to his wife. He looked at the young crocodiles and his mouth watered. Since, the time he first saw them he desperately waited for the crocodile to leave. As soon as the crocodile left, the fox grabbed one of the children and ate him. His wife was dumb folded. She was sure that she and her husband were going to be the crocodile’s meal when he arrives after a month. With each passing day her anxiety and his nonchalance increased. She continuously asked him what he would say when the crocodile would ask about his tenth child. To this he only replied, “When time comes you will see the power of my brain and the stupidity of the crocodiles”.

A month passed and the crocodile and this wife came to see their children. The wife of the fox froze in fear. Panditji came out and said to them that the children are studying so all of them cannot come out at once. He will send them one by one. The crocodiles readily agreed. The wife of the fox waited with her heart in her mouth. At the end when the turn of the tenth child came the fox showed the first child again. The fox did not get caught. Instead he received several gifts from the crocodiles.

Days passed like this. The courage of the fox grew and grew. He started eating three four children a month and escaped every time by repeating the children.

By the end of six months he had finished eating all ten children. His wife had turned pale in fear. When the crocodiles came, she told them that the children have extraordinary intellect. They have gone now to far off forests to learn from greater teachers. The crocodile believed, showered her with gifts and left. The fox then came out of hiding and said that they would escape every single time, just a bit of confidence and a bit of lie.

More five months passed like this. But this time the crocodiles did not seem convinced. They said they did not want their son to study more. All they wanted was to have them back. They had asked them wife of the fox to bring them back in two days. The fox had heard the whole conversation and knew it was time.

He asked his wife to pack their stuff and they eloped. Next day when the crocodiles came they saw the house locked and they went back. They came again and again and saw the house locked. They were both angry and afraid. They brought their fellow crocodiles and broke into the house only to see nothing but bones and scales scattered of their beloved children.