It’s said that ” If things go the way you’ve planned then it’s good and if they don’t go as planned then also it’s good because then it goes the way God has planned it for you “.

This is a story of a girl named Chimera, she was classy , straightforward and confidant. She was sorted with her career choices.

One fine day she woke up and read news about some virus plaguing in the world , but like other people she as well ignored it on that day until it started spreading into her country. As a result of virus the lockdown was imposed in the country everything was locked including offices, colleges, and markets. During the lockdown phase Chimera somehow completed her degree and was about to take admission for Master’s, as she planned for a lavish corporate job after her Master’s . But things do not go as we plan them to be, her father lost his job due to lockdown crisis and ultimately financial help was stopped. The phase was so difficult for her and entire family but with her it’s was also the time the people all around the country were suffering in some or the other way. 

Something changed on that day she started reasoning about poor, helpless, the people who had lost their jobs, older and sick people. Now’ that lavish jobs, corporate top positions, highly worthy Degrees seems to be useless to Chimera as these could not help the people who are really need to be helped.

The visuals of soaked eyes asking for help, skinny appearance demanding food were stabbed in her heart. As the days passed by Chimera started looking for other career choices but ofcourse not in her old planned road map this time. As she was tilted towards social welfare and she even found such career option to satisfy the thrist of serving.

As a common girl with an average intellectual, always had a self doubt and delimma about shifting from her main stream to a subject which she never had read and that too during such a job crisis time. But that was the time she had to choose and make decision and manifest courage. She decided to take civil services exam. It seems to be easy for someone who’s looking, standing out from the competition but is it was tough.

Chimera gathered all the courage and focused her efforts into it but unfortunately could get into it in one go. The time again puts her on two roads either quit what she had started or continue with the decision. She had self doubts, hopelessness and had no confidence as nothing was going her way.

Chimera decided to follow her decision as she was getting the inner motivation from the phase she had went through and espyed other people. She again believed in herself and bulit her confidence. She tried again and this time she could make into it , the change that turned her life upside-down for sometime now will serve her with great satisfaction working for other people at grassroot level.

Things do not always go as we plan them but hope can be something we can rely upon and it makes us believe in whatever happens , happens for good.