The Sun is furious on earth. The heat waves are poking the soft faces. But the young energy is helping them out to reach their favorite destination The Game Zone. Arun, Joy and Ray can’t repress the excitement for the new game that they are going to try out. The newly launched game ‘The Castle’ has got quite popular among the kids. And finally they are going to visit the castle. They reach the gamezone and sit on their go-to PC systems. Flip the buttons on. Impatiently wait for the screens to change color. And finally launch the game. A car is taking them to a old castle in the outskirts. The car stops. They get out. A big wooden door opens and a wizard appears from the shadows.

“Welcome young guns…to the castle of Syphus. I am Syphus your host and friend and the prince of this castle. Your job is to hide from me and I will seek you out. But if you are found then you will be detained in the castle forever. You’ll be given three minutes to hide. And your time starts now.”

“Weird”, Arun thinks, “All this hype just to hide in the game?”

The players press W. All of them make their characters run here and there. The players look above and beyond, confused where to go. So many options. They finally decide to split. Joy on the first floor. Ray on the second, Arun on the third. Joy finds a room and hides under the bed. Ray sits inside a big beautiful wooden chest with finest details. Arun hides on the balcony. Infront of him is the luxurious view and when he bends his neck downwards, he sees the car which brought them here. Three minutes end and the wizard starts his search. He checks the empty kitchen. Nothing but utensils beckoning mildly infuriates him. He then moves his search on the first floor and enters Joy’s room. He searches thoroughly. The bathroom. The balcony. Out and inside. Then bends near the bed and seeks out Joy. “First flower.”, he says. The room where Joy is standing turns into a weird prison. He then moves onto the second floor. After checking all the rooms, only one thing is left and that is the chest. He opens it and “Second Flower”. Ray blinks and finds himself instantly besides Joy. And now he moves to the third floor where he again checks all the room but he can’t find Arun and it ticks him off. He then gets a tip from the talking curtain who asks him,

“Who brings my movement?”

“The wind.”

“And from where do the wind enters.”

The Wizard smirks. Arun eavesdrops. He peeks through the slightly opened door of the balcony and sees the wizard approaching. He gets anxious. He looks here and there to find a solution. And looks at the car. He decides to take a leap of faith and climb down through the pipes. Wizard opens the balcony door and nothing.

“Where is heeeeee!”, the Wizard screams.

Arun looks at the car and approaches it. Presses ENTER. And the game ends. He takes his headphones off just to find that Joy and Ray are not their.

“When did they leave? Was I really that into the game?”