Life seems clueless when we have nothing to do but it becomes meaningful when we are doing something. But that something could be anything and there an exception arises that doing nothing is also a kind of doing. Kids are the great example in this case. The apartment where I live, is surrounded by other flats and my own room is on 3rd floor.  There is always a rush in the front park of people of our society and that led me to a conclusion about the reason that why there are too many kids in our society. You invite a risk if you denied them of their regular play in their play hours. It was to live without peace than with pieces of things that can be broken easily through a coming ball which knows about costly items and is in full intention to touch it.  I always kept a distance with them as I have much problems already in my couch and was in no mood to invite some more. But their new games which come to them on daily basis have really created many problems not even to people near to them but sometimes dogs are also the victims of their games. The poor animal even knows that going against them is more dangerous than coming in front of high speed car.

One day when I returned from the work and as I took the stairs, I saw two children talking about something in which one with great eagerness was imparting to the other one who himself was listening to it in greater enthusiasm. As I came closer to them I figured out that they were discussing about a movie, related to murder and mystery and as I crossed them I heard one saying,” The detective caught the murderer in such an intelligent way…”. “I also want to be a detective, when I grow bigger, you will see”, exclaimed the other one. “ I also want to be a detective, very intelligent and better than you”. It became clear that they were deeply moved by the works of detectives. After hearing it, suddenly my mind got an idea. I turned around and as they realized that l am seeing them so they stopped talking and looked towards me unwillingly. I said,” Hello kids, I really like the idea of being a detective and their work is the best work in the world. They solved mysteries and are rewarded and every people likes them”. Both of them were staring at me with great zeal. It’s an instinct and a cue that if the person in front of you is showing interest in the topic, it means you are puking what they want you to puke. I continued,” I think you should open an investigation agency which will solve the problems of the people in our society. You will be paid and also be loved and just think how much your parents will be happy about your innovative work. So just go and made one and this will also increase your experience and hence the chances of becoming a famous future detective”. The ‘Famous’ word was added by me intentionally because these words are more meaningful and convey much than the word ‘Convey’ itself. After saying this I turned and continued counting the steps as how much more I have to put on till I reach my flat. Though I didn’t notice their reaction during my way to door and I really was not hopeful of something going to happen as such things are easy to say but hard to do and for kids like them who don’t have a trace of discipline in their own games forming an investigation agency too far to do or to even think of it. I changed my clothes and relaxed myself on bed and fell asleep.

The next morning was weird one. Every morning my alarm clock, an example of faithfulness, woke me up from my sleep but on Sunday morning it always failed as I woke up of shouting and stiff of children running in apartments playing what they desire and as it was Sunday even parents don’t bother them- a day of independence without unfurling of any flag. It was not normal though I freshen up and went for a walk though it was an excuse I just want to checked out what was going on. When I came to the ground floor I saw children around a table- a group discussion type environment. When I came closer I find out that two children- these were the two with whom I have talked previously- were entering names, may be for some work.

Then I noticed a small hoarding of white chart paper, written on it in bold letters `THE INVESTIGATION SOCIETY’.

Some small direction were followed ‘we are recruiting members for our society those who want to be enrolled, give their names here’. I smiled internally as for the first time my unusual lecture, which I thought was a childish one has achieved what I was watching in front of me. “Another problem or I would say another strategy of invading our peace, what you think?”, someone pat me from behind while impeaching this. It was another victim like me whose thoughts matched mine. I grinned. He said,” I don’t know how such ideas came to their mind. Their brains are much dangerous than a scientist trying to conquer the world”. This my smile curve was small one. I said,” We better not ask them. Let them do what they want to”. I thought that if this man asked them and if they took my name for the idea credit then it would be a situation of heresy for me by their parents. Then I asked permission from him and continued my walk though I have started. Sunday passed and again the hated day of week came. I went to office and children were going to school. The only similarity between us was that we both were fighting for the rights of our sleep. The day was hectic one so when I returned I was fully broken so I came and after freshening up, I broke myself on bed. After a small nap, I thought to go for a walk. When I came to ground floor, I saw the banner and table with hoards of kids surrounding it but in a manner away from calling it an act of indiscipline. I noticed that an old man was sitting and he was explaining something to them as I came near to them I found that they have got a new case.

It goes like this. The old man has lost his dog- Tom and was explaining to them the place and the time after which he lost the presence of his pet. After listening to the old man and with little argument about dog whereabouts, they officially handled the case. Tom was not seen from the morning. The old man said that it played in his compound daily, today also the same thing happened but when he went in house to answer the ring of phone and when returned he found that Tom was not there and the door of compound was wide opened. The society as what I analysed by there methods organised themselves in two groups in- which one went to the old man home while the other group started asking the neighbours of the old man. I thought as per my ‘science of deduction’ that dog would have been bored of being in the home dependent on his master for his needs which his master rarely understands so seeing the door opened he got a chance to escape and to enjoy and see from which he had been avoided since he was chained.

Tom would already been crossed the half the city enjoying his freedom. Sun ray were being orange and so I decided to head back to my room.

At bed I thought were would be tom right now and will this society get their first successful case. Next day when I returned from office I was eager to know about progress of case. And for my surprise the case has already been solved. They were paid and best part they have already spent all the money in the celebration. When I asked the guard about how these children, who were once the caricature of innocence and mischief became so good at being responsible to their innovation they have opened and then solved a case. A nice achievement from them indeed. I was seeing them enjoying the bit of their success.

The guard laughed and said, “Sir, they are kids and has not broken the code of being cunningness. When the case came to them the only question was where is Tom?  No one knows but the kids themselves”. I said,” I didn’t get it, what you mean”. He replied,” The morning Tom was missing  not by himself but was actually kidnapped by these kids and pardon me, it was hidden in my room. They emotionally asked me for help and how I can turn them so I agreed. Tom was intentionally kidnapped and this case was made to be their first case. A case in which everything happening was dramatic, pre-planned”. I ,astonished said nothing to the guard and went to my room and thought of the cleverness they have in their mind. You can change the shape but not it’s nature. These kids were just like as they were previously. I thought that the next time I should distance myself more from them. Eventually the society was closed and old man was happy and parents were proud of their children thus the end was good for the unknown. For the known it was another reason to be cautious about them. I slept and next day when I was going to office, I saw a new poster with scribble on it, Recruiting members for ‘Group Study and Learning Society’. I thought that they have got the taste of this cunningness, and I have provided them that.