“Come on, we’re getting late” said Mr. Smith

“Coming” answered Mrs. Smith

This conversation took place between a husband – wife who were going to attend a colleague’s wedding ceremony which was at an hour drive from their newly shifted home. They had a beautiful young daughter Evelyn who was six years whom they decided to leave behind with a baby – sitter Jeff (a family friend). They planned to leave early so that they could reach back at their home till midnight.

After saying the final goodbyes and kissing the daughter they both left in their 1985 convertible Chevrolet that his dad was proud off. Driving to the location the mother was really tensed about their daughter’s safety and well-being as they lived in the country side and have heard certain cases happening in the past as well. She calmed down when they reached the venue and got engrossed in the rituals etc.

Back at home Jeff prepared a nice meal for the little girl and then they had tons of fun playing catch, chasing each other in the house, playing hide and seek etc. Both of them had a good laugh watching loony tunes on cartoon network channel and were so tired that they fell asleep on the couch itself and left the TV running. After almost an hour they woke up and Jeff noticed that the TV has been switched off and there was a note with “Sweet Dreams” written on it. He really got scared and ran to check the doors and the windows to make sure that they were locked, and they were. There was a wave of confusion that took over him as he was not able to understand what was going on, who has written the note, who has switched off the television were some questions that crossed his mind. He decided to sit next to Evelyn who was unaware of all this and was still busy watching loony tunes and wait for the parents to come back.

It was not long before he heard a knock on the main door and was calmed as he expected the parents. But to his surprise it was nobody. He went out to search the surroundings but no one was to be seen. So he decided to go back and call Mr. Smith and report about the weird happenings of the evening. As soon as he entered he was taken aback by shock to see two men with guns staring right at him from the first floor stairs. For a second he was frozen as he was not able to decide what to do, should he give up or run for his life. He ran and picked up Evelyn and then straight out of the house and locked the door from outside locking them inside the house. Little did he know that the door was not the way the murderers entered the house and swiftly went back from the back balcony just by the back door.