Once there lived a Brahmin named Dev Sharma in a certain town with his wife. After few days his wife gave birth to a son and they were very happy.

On the same day when his wife gave birth to a son, a female mongoose also gave birth to a baby mongoose near to their house. But after giving birth to a baby the female mongoose died. When Brahmin’s wife observed him she took pity on him and she took out to her home and then started looking after him as his own son. They all lived happily.

Brahmini did not make any difference between them, she bathed them together and put oil on them together, even she served her own milk to both of them. She loved both of them and they mongoose and her son also love each other and always spent together.

Though she was not a fool and she knowing better that the mongoose was an animal in reality so she also kept watch on him. One day she thought, “He is a mongoose in real sense and will soon develop the animal nature that he has inherited from their ancestors. He may harm my son someday, so I should keep a watch on him.”

 After some day, she had to go to take some water from the well. So she put her son on the bed, and when she going outside with the utensil, she said to her husband to look after them. She said, “Dear, I am going outside to take some water from the well. Please look after our son and keep watch on the mongoose so he did not harm him by mistake.”

The Brahmin was a careless person. He got prepared and went outside to beg for alms without informing his wife. The mongoose and their son were alone at home.

 A number of snakes present in that area and they often entered the nearby houses. At the very moment when they both alone at home, a poisonous snake entered the house and he started approaching the Brahmin’s son.

When the mongoose saw him, he immediately attacked on him to protect the child, as the mongooses are natural enemies to the snake. As the mongoose was very small and the snake was strong, but he loved his brother very much, so he did not think even for a moment and fought with him with all might. He broke out the snake into two pieces and killed him eventually. His mouth and claws were filled with snake’s blood.

The little mongoose was very happy by protecting his brother from the snake and he waited outside the house for the Brahmini. He was very excited to tell her mother how brave he was.

When the Brahmini knew about her husband carelessness, she was very tensed and returning home in hurry. When she approached near the house she saw the little mongoose coming near towards her. She noticed that the mongoose’s mouth filled with blood and she without thinking for a while, reached to the conclusion that the little mongoose must attacked on her son.

 Angered and frustrated, she immediately threw the heavy pitcher – full of water, that she was carrying on the little mongoose. The little mongoose was severely wounded. Then she immediately ran inside, and she amazed to see her son on the bed. He was sleeping at that time. She then observed the snake near the bed that had been torn into pieces.

 She immediately understood the whole matter that what had happened. She was very disappointed with the thought of having hurt the little mongoose that was like a son to her. She did not understand whom she blame for it. When her husband returned home, she explained all the matter to him and they both were felt very regret for the suffering of their second son.
The wise indeed say:

Think hard and do not do anything in haste.