It is the story of a girl who turns her weakness into strength and work towards her parents dream to make them come true.


There was a girl named Avni. She was from a rich family. She was born in 1945 in Ranchi, Jharkhand. At that time, girls were not allowed to go to school because they were not promoted as much as boys. But his father was very supportive. He wanted his only daughter along with three sons to be educated and have primary education. She used to go to school and there was no other girl except the daughter of the head of their village. And her mother had died when she was born as she was the youngest. So she didn’t know any household works. She was married in a very young age when she was just a teenager at the age of 14. She was married to an 20- years- old boy Anil who worked in his fields.


She didn’t have any woman in her in-laws house. They were not rich either. His husband lived with his father and two brothers in that house which was her only house as per the society. The society believes that after marriage, a woman’s only home is her in-laws house and that is where she is believed to live the way her husband wants her to be. It was an arranged marriage so they took time to understand each other. She managed everything by herself. She learned to cook, learn doing household works and many such things that a married woman in India is believed to do. Four years after her marriage when she became 18 – years -old, she was expecting her first child.


She gave birth to a boy after nine months.  In that period of time, everyone wanted a boy so that their business is carried forward in the society.

But Avni was of a different opinion. She wanted a girl as her baby. One of the reason might be the fact that she missed the presence of any woman in her small world and the second was that she wanted women empowerment in her society. Second child of Avni was born after three years and it was a boy too. But she didn’t lose any hope for a girl. She wanted her to be the face of change. But it wasn’t possible with those sons. She knew how women have patience much more than boys.


Third time, it was a girl. She named her Nikita. She was a very gentle child. She was very beautiful, fair complexioned and a little naughty girl in her childhood. Her presence in that home gave positive vibes all around. She was growing up in that home under her parents’ guidance. Though Avni was an open minded lady who wanted progress of women in society, his husband  Anil wasn’t of such views. He was rather against these views and wanted all women in his society to remain under control of the men who he believed to be  stronger  gender than men.


Avni and Anil had spent more than fifteen years together but there was something that started developing in their relationship as all this was happening. As the ideas differed  and so did the  thoughts so one of them wanted her daughter to be treated like her other sons but he didn’t want so.


Anil wanted her daughter Nikita not to intervene in any of the matters that created tension in their marriage life and do what other girls were supposed to do then.

But this really didn’t mean that he didn’t love Nikita. He loved her more than any of his boys as is the bond between a father and her daughter. This is the relationship that requires deep understanding. Sometimes it’s not expressed as it should be but it is really an amazing feeling to be loved and cared by her father for a daughter. Nikita felt same for her father. And Anil felt the same too but that feeling remained unexpressed. Anil was a good father but he was bounded by the notions of the society. He was afraid of the outcomes of doing something exceptionally great for a girl in a male dominated society.


Nikita was twelve years old and she was in grade two in a primary school. Avni realized that there was something to be done for Nikita’s education.

She is not as educated as she should have been as per her wishes. Her sister lived in Ranchi. She was Anu. Anu’s daughter, Radha studied in a better school and was about the age of Nikita. But she was more educated than her and was in grade 5. This made a  huge difference to the education of Nikita and her knowledge too. Avni then decided to get her admitted in the same school as Radha. Anu was ready to get her the best education as her daughter was taught.


This created a difference between Avni and Anil. They lived together but their was so much difference in between their ideologies that Anil decided something. He thought of parting his ways of life, maybe this was what destiny wanted from them. He thought of leaving Avni and making her daughter and sons with him. Avni didn’t agree to it. She was ready to leave Anil but didn’t want to leave her children with him. Nikita was really disturbed by the way her parents were thinking. Was it because of her or there was something else that was disturbing their relationship. A relationship that was made about fifteen years back was at the verge of being destroyed for such a small reason. When the decision was confronted before Nikita and his elder brothers, they were really unhappy. They kept on thinking of some way to get out of such a situation. The whole family was disturbed. They stopped talking to each other while dining and didn’t even sit together.


When this decision  came out openly, Nikita and her brothers told their parents that they don’t want to live either with their mother or father after they will separate. And the reason was that three of them wanted to live with both Avni and Anil. They were consoled that nothing would be disturbed after their separation. Those young children were also able to realize that their family will be disturbed. Their life would be upside down. Hearing to such a decision, both Avni and Anil decided to give up the thought of their separation. They thought and talk to each other about why they were actually separating and had come to such a decision. Only the reason of Nikita’s education was their big concern. Then Anil and Avni decided to shift in Ranchi. This  is what Avni wanted. She wanted her children to have good education and have a better future than they would have got after getting education in that small village.

Anil sold all of his father’s property in the village, got the money and shifted to a rented home in Ranchi. There, he got a job and got his children admitted to a government school. Nikita graduated from a government college. That had very good education. After that, she became part of government college as a lecturer after her higher studies.  She then thought something to herself. After earning money, she decided to take the permission of the government and get a school opened in her native village. She opened a government school in her village and the neighboring villages too. She was happy to do so as she didn’t want girls like her to suffer and compromise for getting education. She became a successful teacher and became the face of change in her society as per her parent’s wishes. The family returned to the village after that and lived happily together.