“And here my pain ends”…I shot both of them right after saying this with all the rage I had suppressed till now. And finally I got the revenge I deserved …but I never knew this will add more pain in my life…the murder was well planned but there are a lot of things I should be careful about. “Siya! open the door Siya!” Ahaan shouted in worry…as soon as I realised Ahaan is here I took both the bodies to my bedroom…and gasp …I have to clean the blood now but in a very less time as I know Ahaan will break the door in worry. The floor is completely clean now but Ahaan is also right in front of me now …he’s already going for therapy because of he’s anger issues and somehow I just triggered it by taking too long to open the door … he’s staring at me with blood in his eyes …and now he’s yelling at me but I hate loud voices so I tightly pressed both the palms against my ears ..and sat right there in front of him with my forehead rested on both of my knees …then with all of a sudden I felt something really hard on the back side of my head …my vision got slightly blur and tried rubbing off the pain away with my right hand as left hand feels numb… but it felt sticky …and when I saw my hand it was filled with blood…dark red blood.

“Dad! Look she opened her eyes…!” Maria said with relief and gratefulness. As I opened my eyes I realised this is not my room I asked myself that where I am now ?? then I tried looking around and saw there’s a girl sitting right next to me …she looks pretty ..her eyes are bright and beautiful with big curled lashes, her eye color is yellowish brown..and her lips are pinkish.. her hair is as golden as if she’s Rupunzle …then I looked at the man she was calling dad he looks really kind and educated …he’s approx 152 cm tall and has dark brown hair but I don’t know why he’s wearing sunglasses in such a cosy and dark room.

He’s coming near me …and as he removes his glasses a golden light starts coming out of his eyes and it’s falling over my wounds …and as he again put on the glasses I realised my wounds are not there anymore… I don’t know what kind of magic was that ..am I in the heaven or what ?? And again everything is getting blured now …! 

This time when I open my eyes I am in my bed and I’m completely fine …there’s no dead body …and not even Ahaan …I started finding my phone ..and checked the date …it’s the same date that means there’s nothing like time travel here..but then a notification poped … that’s a “breaking new” notification I clicked on that the news is streaming live …”the famous businessman Ahaan Raichand killed two people in his farmhouse and surrendered right after killing them” the news reporter is saying this line.     

To be continued…