T.S.Eliot full name is  Thomas Stearns Eliot. he was an American born poet ,essayist ,playwright ,critic ,now regarded as the as one of the twentieth century ‘s major poets, he is a central figure in English-language Moderinst poetry. He was born on 26 September1888,St.Louis,missouri,US.He was educated at Harvard University ,Merton college ,Oxford .His parents are Henry Ware Eliot ,Charlotte Champe Stearns .His Spouse name is Vivienne Haigh-Wood. His notable works are ”The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock” (1915) The Waste Land (1922) Four Quartets (1943) Murder in the Cathedral (1935). He honour for the Nobel Prize in Literature (1948) ,Order of Merit (1948) , Presidential Medal of Freedom (1964) , Officier de la legion d’honneur (1951) , Commandeur de I’Order des Arts et des Lettres (1960). He was died in 4 January 1965 (aged 76) at London, England.