Today is a special day for her, she’s in the dorm with her teammates looking at the screen in front of her. All her dreams are coming true, everything she wants is coming true. Mira is 21 years old and a professional overwatch gamer. She always wanted to go to the world championships and win the prize, win the trophy and today is the day she can do it. Her team is representing the whole country, fans are joining the live stream to see them play the last game that will decide the winner. She can’t help but feel nervous, her thoughts are all over the place and it’s hard for her to focus on one thing but she needs to and she knows that. Her teammates are already with their headphones on and logging in to the game, she also tries to follow them. She puts on her headphones and opens the game and all she can hear is her heartbeat racing. She reminds herself that this day can change her life, she can become the best gamer and she needs to focus on the game. She looks over towards the audience and she can hear them screaming their team’s name, she finds her mother and brother shouting her name loudly. After looking at them she feels peace, if not for herself then for them she needs to do this today. They have also struggled alongside her, to fulfill her dreams they have sacrificed their dreams. At that moment when she saw their faces, smiling at her she knew she could do this. So she starts to warm up before the actual game starts, her team have made few strategies to win this and she needs to play well. After a round of warm up the game starts, the host announces and introduces the 2 teams to crowd and the people watching the live stream. Mira is a support main, she heals other players and her role is very important, she needs to pull herself together for this. The countdown for the game starts, all the players chooses their hero that they’ll play. Mira chooses Ana, a healer that also can do damage, she is not Ana main but she saves her main hero for last. They have already played 2 rounds and this is their last round, both the team have won 1 time each. So this round will determine who is going to win the championship. For this last round Mira chooses her main hero, Zenyatta, Mira is known for her best gameplay as zenyatta in the whole overwatch community and she’s confident that she can do this. The rounds done halfway and Mira’s team is loosing, her confidence is going down. She can’t focus properly, she’s thinking about her future if she looses instead of the game that will determine that. For a split second she looks over to her family, they are her support and they will always support her no matter what. She’s looks back to the screen with determination and tries her best, for herself, for her mother, and for her brother. They win the championship with the score of 2-1 and get announced as the world champions of overwatch. She can’t help but cry looking at her mother, she runs towards them and hugs them tightly while repeating thank you.